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10 Best Mixologist Starter Kits Every Aspiring Bartender Needs

Looking to amp up your home bar experience? These are the best mixologist starter kits that will turn any beginner into a pro for the aspiring bartender in you.

Even if you're aspirations of becoming a bartender only include you serving yourself and some friends a drink or two on the weekend, these are the best mixologist starter kits to help turn your basic drinks into an at-home cocktail bar experience. 

With a tool like these, your confidence in drink mixing will be through the roof just after a few uses. Give these kits a shot, and explore new drink possibilities every weekend without leaving the comfort of your own home. 

Cocktail Shaker Set Professional Kit by Rare Fool

Impress all of your guests with professional tasting drinks with little effort and easy-to-use tools with this kit by Rare Fool. As one of the best mixologist starter kits on the market, this cocktail shaker set has everything you need to create the perfect cocktails, even exotic ones. 

Included in the kit are a shaker, strainer, ice tongs, and even a recipe ebook! 

Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker Set by Vremi

As one of the best mixologist starter kits for beginners, this classic stainless steel kit includes a cocktail shaker and strainer set. The mixer has a lid cap that tightly seals the shaker and creates the most blended tasting drinks. It can also be used for mocktails, juices, or water-based beverages. 

Also included is a strainer, dual jigger shot glass, and drink stirrer spoon and tongs. Create any cocktail with perfection with this dishwasher-safe set and easy-to-use tools. 

Bartender Kit: Boston Shaker Bar Set by NAUZone

With either a 10 piece, 12 piece, or 14 piece tube box set options, this Boston Shaker Bar set is extremely affordable for the amount of quality tools that are included. Advertised for its leak-proof shaker, this set is beginner-proof and you can create any of your dream cocktails. 

Plus, it includes a mixology guide, great for people who are just starting out, and seven recipes for mixed drinks. Next stop, pro bartender.

Elite Cocktail Shaker Set Bartender Kit by Barillio

As one of the most classic and useful mixologist starter kits on the market, this kit includes only the basic necessities for making some cocktails at home. Perfect for beginners, this set comes with a 24 ounce SST cobbler shaker, mixing spoon, two liquor pourers, double-jigger, and a mojito muddler. 

Plus, each item is dishwasher safe and rustproof. Packaged in a beautiful velvet bag for easy traveling, these will be your go-to bar tools for the weekends. Plus, you can learn techniques through their ebook and booklet for tips and tricks on becoming the bartender you strive to be. Barilio has one of the best mixologist starter kits on the market.

Professional Bartender Kit with Boston Cocktail Shaker by Zappoware

Perfect as a gift, this bartender kit has it all. The Zappoware cocktail set has 11 barware items, including two jiggers, ice cube tongs, a bar spoon, strainer, two-piece Boston cocktail shaker, and two pourer spouts. 

It comes in high-quality packaging and will build up any beginner's skills with ease. 

Mixology 9-Piece Cocktail Set by Libbey

A shot glass, metal strainer, mixing glass, metal shaker base, three-piece metal shaker, wooden muddler, and metal spoon are all you need to begin your path as an aspiring bartender. As one of the best mixologist starter kits on the market, it's important to start off with quality tools such as these. 

Libbey has created a high-quality kit that has all of the necessities of creating the tastiest cocktails. This would even work great as a housewarming present or even a wedding gift. 

14 Piece Stainless Steel Bar Set and Cocktail Making Set by Tiger Chef

If you're looking for a bit of a more extensive set, this one has it all. Made by Tiger Chef, this bar set is all stainless steel and will avoid scratches or damage from wear and tear. Serve top quality cocktails in three easy steps: shake, stir, and sip. 

This kit is even great for professionals, so home bar enthusiasts will be confident in their choice of a first cocktail set. With a netted head muddler, plastic bottle pourers, flat bottle opener, corkscrew, stainless steel strainer, bar spoon, and two shakers, what more could you need?

Pro Stainless-Steel 10-Piece Cocktail Shaker and Bar Tool Set by Oggi

Don't be intimidated by the "Pro" label in Oggi's title, this is still one of the best mixologist starter kits for beginners. With easy-to-use tools and a black stand and cutting board, all of your necessities will remain in an easy to access place with great storage. 

It even comes with a lemon slicing knife and bottle cap lifter, plus all of your classic cocktail mixing tools. Show off your newly acquired cocktail making skills with this easy-to-use set. 

Cocktail Shaker Bar Tools Set by Mixologist World

Don't worry about creating a drink that's too strong with this cocktail shaker, as it will mix even the strongest drink. As you learn the techniques of a bartender, this shaker will adapt to your mistakes, and still serve tasty mixed drinks.

Plus, it's elegantly designed with strong materials and an easy grip. This three-in-one value pack includes a bar jigger tool, mixing bar spoon, and a built-in strainer. Plus, it comes with the Illustrated Cocktails to Mocktails Recipe Guide. 

9 Piece Stainless Steel Bartender Set with Bamboo Base by Stock Harbor

Lastly from the best mixologist starter kits with its own storage rack is this bartender set by Stock Harbor; it's a great kit for the aspiring bartender in you. Each tool is made from stainless steel, which makes for top quality and is dishwasher safe. 

What comes with this set: a double jibber, corkscrew, strainer, knife, bottle opener, bar spoon, ice tongs, and a large 18.6-ounce shaker. Plus, Stock Harbor has a lifetime warranty! 

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