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13 Ways To Use Vodka (That Don't Involve Drinking It)

There are many non-cocktail ways to use vodka out there. Here are some of the most useful.

If you ask almost any Eastern European (myself included), you will find out that vodka is considered to be somewhat of a panacea and multi-purpose solution. 

How popular vodka is as an aid in this area is kind of insane. During the Chernobyl nuclear crisis, locals and liquidators both believed that vodka could help mitigate the effects of radiation. (It doesn't work that way.) During World War II, vodka was successfully used to clean wounds. Prior to the widespread availability of anesthetic, people would down shots before surgery. 

For many people, this may seem pretty crazy - but, the truth is that there are a lot of uses for vodka that are typically overlooked. Here are some of the easiest ways to get the most of your favorite liquor. 

Window Cleaner

You probably have noticed that alcohol can cut through grease - and that it also works as an amazing disinfectant. Is it so surprising, then, that vodka has been used as a window cleaner by people who can't handle the foul stink of standard chemical cleaners. 

This is one of the best uses for vodka that you can try out if you can't stand the smell of vinegar and you are allergic to the caustic chemicals in Windex. Just add a spray cap to your bottle, and you're good to go. 

Chrome Shine

This is a vodka alternate use that will have both gearheads and chefs snapping up bottles faster than you can go 0 to 60. Insiders in the kitchen and car industries can tell you that vodka is an amazing soap scum cleaner and chrome polish. 

To use vodka as a chrome cleaner, soak a soft washcloth in vodka for a couple of minutes, then use the cloth to gently wipe away hard water stains and soap scum. Your tires and sink will look crystal clean. 

It's worth noting that professional home cleaners know this recipe already, especially if they're focused on working with natural cleansers. It's just that good a shine!

Remove Sticker Glue

Illustrated by Mallory Heyer

Everyone has that one kid in the family who wants to make things "look pretty" by tacking on stickers of Elmo and all their other favorite muppets all over everything. Usually, this would mean that you would end up whipping out the snow scraper and going to work. 

Thankfully, there's an easier way to remove sticker glue and its residue from stuff. Simply take a washcloth soaked in vodka, and scrub it gently. Then, wash away the residue. Glue removal was never easier. 

Weed Killer

Are you sick of seeing pesky dandelions in your garden? A classic trick to get rid of weeds is to create an herbicide out of vodka. Take a small bottle, add some vodka and water together in it in equal parts. Then, add a little bit of dish soap to it. Spray this solution onto weeds, and they won't last much longer. 

Hair Shine

Even hair needs a drink once in a while. Once you're done washing your hair, you can use a spritz of vodka as a way to get remove oily buildup. Even adding vodka to your shampoo for a clarifying solution can give your hair a much-needed boost. 

Moreover, the low pH of the vodka makes your hair super shiny. 

Poison Ivy Cure

Wilderness survival experts can tell you that vodka is excellent camp aid, even if you aren't drinking it around a campfire. The alcohol in vodka is excellent for washing away the poison that makes poison ivy rashes itchy. 

To use it, just rub poison ivy rashes with a washcloth dipped in vodka. This treatment can also be used to soothe jellyfish stings, so don't be afraid to bring some to the beach in a nondescript bottle!

Toothache Cure

Back in the old days, people used to give babies a little thimbleful of whiskey in order to calm down their teething pain. Though this cure is no longer recommended for children, studies show that downing a shot of vodka or even just swishing vodka around in your mouth can help ease toothaches. 

Additionally, vodka as a mouthwash is a great option. The alcohol kills off bacteria almost as effectively as Listerine does, and also numbs your gums so that toothaches aren't as painful. 

Deodorize Your Clothes And Shoes

If you've noticed something about vodka, it's probably that it kills bacteria. Incidentally, it's bacteria that causes clothing, socks, and shoes to smell bad. This makes vodka an excellent deodorizer, and it's just so easy to use, too!

Just take a spray bottle of vodka and spritz some of the stuff on your clothing. Then, after the clothes have been dampened, wait for them to dry. Ta da - the smells are gone. 

A Florist's Friend

If you have a florist friend, they have probably told you one of their favorite uses for vodka already - it's an amazing bouquet life extender. To increase your flowers's lifespan, add a couple of drops of vodka and a tablespoon of sugar to the water in your bouquet's vase. 

Florists claim this can extend the life of flowers for as long as a week. 

Mildew Killer

Vodka, as a cleaner, can do a lot of good for bathrooms. As you may have noticed from this list, it's great at killing bacteria, removing soap scum, and also wiping out unwanted plant life. Fungus, in particular, tends to be very susceptible to vodka's killing powers. 

Incidentally, this makes it an amazing mildew killer. To use vodka as a mildew remover, spray it with vodka and let it soak for about five minutes. Then, scrub away the mildew's remnants with a toothbrush. Rinse, and enjoy your sparkling white caulk!

Toothbrush Disinfectant

Did you know that you can actually get sick from your toothbrush's germs? Think about it - you keep your toothbrush near the toilet, and germs can be airborne. That's pretty gross, and it's not surprising that people can get illnesses from brushing their teeth. 

The good news is that dipping your toothbrush in vodka can actually kill off the bacteria and viruses that cause you to get sick. You don't even have to soak it overnight, either. Just a quick dip will do ya!

Wine Stain Remover

Professional housekeepers often swear by this cool trick. If you have a red wine stain or a white wine stain, pouring crystal clear vodka will make the stain come right out. 

Oddly enough, vomit stains also apparently do well with vodka, too. Ironic, isn't it?

Muscle Sorness Relief

Many runners, yogis, and workout aficionados know that dull ache that comes with having sore muscles from a really intense gym session. That ache is one that feels good - but only to a point. If you want to get rid of that sore muscle pain, then you can do so with a nice lavender vodka solution.

To make this solution, take a small bottle of vodka and add some fresh lavender to it. Set it in a jar in the sun for about three days. Then, you have a solution that can be rubbed onto sore muscles with a soft washcloth. It's refreshing, and it also can get rid of sweat smell, too!

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13 Ways To Use Vodka (That Don't Involve Drinking It)
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