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5 Fun Party Drinks That Everyone Will Love

These are easy-to-make drinks for any party.

So this year I became really enthralled with beer and alcohol. I've always been a drinker. I had my very first beer at 14. All through high school and my first couple years of college, I was mostly drinking to either get drunk or look cool. It wasn't until I started working in a restaurant that liquor, beer, and wine became very interesting to me. The ability to pair wines perfectly with food and tasting all different kinds of craft beer has become quite fascinating. I'm definitely a beer and bourbon kind of girl, so exploring these new flavors has been a quite fun. This year I even started to really enjoy wine. I tell people that I drink red wine with food and white wine to get a little tipsy! Some wines are taking a little longer for me to get used to like cabernets and chardonnays, but I'm trying them nonetheless. I've also taken a liking to scotch. Many people tell me it's because I like good bourbon and I believe them. This year I took my learning one step further and decided to try drinks I normally wouldn't try. Here are five drinks my friends and I made for parties that were a huge success!

Pomegranate Sangria

I took this recipe from the Smirnoff website and tweaked it just a little bit to give it the perfect flavor. This recipe is for a whole pitcher, not one glass.

-1 Magnum bottle of any kind of Pinot Noir

-1 regular sized bottle of mixing vodka (not expensive stuff like Grey Goose or Kettle One)

-1/2 a bottle of pomegranate schnapps

-1/2 a bottle of orange juice

-1/2 bottle of Cran-Pomegranate Juice

-1/3 bottle of Sprite (doesn't need to be sprite, just any kind of lemon lime soda)

-3-4 oranges sliced thinly

-1 container of cut up strawberries

-1 container of blueberries

*Mix everything but the Sprite together and let it chill overnight. Add the Sprite in when you serve it. This recipe is very easy to half or double. It's all about how strong you want it to be so make sure the alcohol ratios are done properly

Mermaid Water

Found this on Pinterest and absolutely loved it! This recipe is for one glass, but the ratios can be altered to make a pitcher

-2 oz Captain Morgan Spiced Rum

-Splash of Malibu Pineapple Rum

-2 oz of pineapple juice

-Splash of Blue Curacao

-Lime Juice

** Mix all together and shake lightly. Add a lime slice for garnish and enjoy!

Champagne Pink Lemonade

My friend made this for her graduation party and it was a huge success. Kind of a girlier drink, probably better for bridal showers, girls' nights, or day parties, but quite tasty!

-1 Bottle of Champagne (whatever your favorite is)

-1/2 cup of Vodka (to make it sweeter use raspberry or vanilla. To make it stronger, add 1 cup or more depending on how strong you want it)

-1 can of pink lemonade concentrate (found in the frozen section)

-3 cups of ginger ale (or club soda)

-3-4 containers of raspberries/strawberries

**Stir everything together. Best made day of a party or event (don't let it sit overnight or it loses the carbonation from champagne and soda). Garnish with lemon or lime wedges and enjoy!

Strawberry Basil Bourbon Lemonade

I made this drink for a customer at my restaurant and tweaked the recipe for a whole pitcher. This drink has a few more steps in it, but totally worth it!

-1 container of strawberries

-1 cup of your preferred bourbon (Makers Mark, Knob Creek, or Woodford Reserve are good choices)

-2 cups of sugar

-2.5 cups of ice cold water

-1/2 cup of lemon juice

-1 oz of bitters

-handful of basil leaves and basil sprigs

**Blend together strawberries and 1/4 cup of water to make a purée. Boil together the strawberry purée and 1 3/4 cups of water. Add the sugar until it's completely dissolved and a simple syrup has formed. In the pitcher, combine the strawberry sugar mixture, bourbon, lemon juice, rest of the water and bitters, and stir. Add the basil and stir again. Serve with a basil leaf for garnish. When making this as just one drink, muddle together the strawberries, water, sugar, and some of the basil. Then add the bourbon, lemon juice, bitters, and stir together. Garnish with basil leaf. 

Blueberry Vodka

One of the BEST drinks I've ever had. The first time I had it, it was at a restaurant in Washington D.C. I became so obsessed with it that it's my go-to party drink. Super simple and super delicious. This recipe is for less than a pitcher, but more than a glass.

-2 cups of fresh (or frozen) blueberries

-4 cups of Vodka (Tito's, Kettle One, Grey Goose, etc... use good vodka)

**Wash fresh blueberries thoroughly, mash them in the container you're using to keep the drink in. This allows the blueberry juices to soak in the vodka. Pour the vodka in the container, so that the blueberries are completely submerged. However many blueberries you use, double that for the vodka. So if there are 2 cups of blueberries, you would use 4 cups of vodka or if there were 3 cups of blueberries, you would use 6 cups of vodka. Shake it up, place it in a cool dark place, let it sit there. Check on it every few hours. If any blueberries are floating, throw them away. Minimum two weeks of infusion, but tastes the best at 3-4 weeks. Then strain out the blueberries (coffee filter or cheesecloth) and serve! Preserve in the freezer. Tastes like juice, feels like vodka :)

I hope you enjoy these drinks as much as I have! I know the blueberry vodka takes some time, but in the end its totally worth it and will be a crowd favorite! Plus it doesn't go bad! My absolute favorite is definitely the pomegranate sangria, but all of these drinks are super easy to make! ENJOY!!

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5 Fun Party Drinks That Everyone Will Love
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