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Accident or Drugged?

A Reminder to Always Be Careful

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A friend of mine recently had the scariest experience of her life. She started her evening at a casino with her husband and woke up several hours later, in a hospital, with no memory of what had happened.

She and her husband have been having marital trouble. No surprise, they've been married for like 12 years! It's not possible to experience life with someone for that long without having some bumps in the road. To spice things up, they decided to go out to a casino and pretend to not know each other. The idea was to "bump into one another" casually, several times throughout the evening with her husband eventually giving the winning pickup line that would end with him taking her home. Cute! Fun!

A few hours and drinks into the night, my friend was sitting at the bar, alone, when a rowdy group came roaring in. There were several girls whom were dressed expensively and tripping over each other before even ordering a drink. They were obviously some form of escorts and obviously on drugs. No judgments here- to each their own. They were followed in by a man, also expensively dressed, sporting a "pouch" attached to his belt. He chatted her up and she tried to blow him off but he continued and grew closer to her, making her uncomfortable so, she politely let him know that she was not interested.

She ordered a margarita and turned to watch the band perform their next song. When it was over and she turned back to the bar, she saw four margaritas all line up next to each other. She asked the bartender if one was for her and he gave her a nod so she grabbed it and started drinking. A minute later, the man she blew off grabbed the other three and walked them over to the girls. The next thing she knew, she was laying in a hospital.

Still groggy and confused, she overheard the nurses discussing blood on the floor and needing to prep her for an x-ray. She frantically asked if she had been in a car accident and where her husband was. One of the nurses said in a condescending tone, "No, honey, there was no accident. You just had too much to drink." Growing even more confused and feeling completely alone, she started to panic. After they finished her x-ray, they allowed her to see her husband and he explained to her what he knew that happened.

When he found her at the bar, prepared to give her his final pickup line, she was hunched over. He asked if she was okay but all she would do is slur nonsense. Assuming she had just gone too far, he told her it was time to go and walked her to the elevator. As soon as the elevator doors shut, she became combative; hitting him, kicking and shouting. This was so unlike her. He calmed her down enough to get her to the car but she began throwing up on the way home. He pulled over and barely opened her car door before she fell flat onto the ground. After throwing up some more, he got her back into the car. The entire ride home, she went in and out of consciousness. When they got there, she fell out of the car again onto the concrete in their garage. She passed out yet again and peed all over herself so he went inside to get her dad who was over babysitting their child. They used a sheet to drag her into the house and when they got her there, they noticed that she had stopped breathing so they called 911.

The paramedics administered Narcan, the opioid-reversing drug to battle overdoses. It worked, but not to the full extent. She was breathing and semi-conscious but not awake enough to answer questions or respond. She spent the night in the hospital, throwing up for hours. Her x-ray came back normal, thank goodness and she was able to go home the following morning once she kept down enough fluids to remain hydrated.

It wasn't until later in the afternoon that she found out she tested positive, not only for a high blood-alcohol level but also for methamphetamines and benzodiazepines. Neither of which she has access to or has taken before.

Her husband wanted to press charges because he believes she was intentionally drugged. Considering she wasn't wearing her wedding rings and appeared to be alone, it's completely possible. She's a beautiful woman!

She argues that it could've been a total accident. There were multiple drinks on the bar and they very well could've been intended for the girls who were obviously willingly using that night. Again, the bartender might have had no knowledge that anything was added and it's completely possible it was an accident.

Either way, it's very scary! I can't bare to imagine what could have happened to her had she actually been alone. And if her husband hadn't noticed that she stopped breathing and just put her to bed, she could have overdosed.

My point is ladies, (and even guys!) you need to be very careful and very aware of your surroundings especially when there's alcohol involved. If you're not 100 percent certain that a drink is yours and hasn't been tampered with, don't drink it! If you feel uncomfortable because of the people who are around, find someone you trust to make aware that you want to leave but don't leave alone. This happened at a casino that I've been to multiple times. It isn't a known drug location or in a sketchy area. It's just a normal casino with friendly bartenders and waitresses.

I'm so thankful things didn't go another way and that my friend is home safe, surrounded by her family.

There's no such thing as being too careful.

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Accident or Drugged?
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