Adonis McManus

Confessions of a Nightclub Owner: Part 3
2 years ago
As a nightclub owner I was always interested in maximizing profits. You pay rent for an entire month, but you are only open 2 days of the week, so what do you do with the other 5 nights? In an ideal w...
Confessions of a Nightclub Owner: Part 2
2 years ago
Noah: "I sure hope we don’t have any more broken water pipes in the future.” “It was just a one-off all fixed up and no problems now!” Noah: “Come on, I’m not stupid. I’ve been in the industry for a l...
Confessions of a Nightclub Owner: Introduction
2 years ago
A long time ago in a city not so far away I had a dream of owning a nightclub. Not just any nightclub but an incredible nightclub full of beautiful women, well dressed men, the biggest international D...
Confessions of a Nightclub Owner
2 years ago
"Hey, so I filled out my liquor license application over a month ago and I am just wondering why I haven't received it yet?" "Sir, you haven't submitted the remainder of your paperwork." At this point...