Adrian Scott

Horror-movie fan and wanna-be chef looking to travel the world.

Beer Myths You Should Stop Believing
a year ago
The beer culture is alive and well, and this comes with plenty of beer myths. It is important to decipher what facts are true and which are not. So stop blaming your belly on the beer, and quit trying...
Classier Alternatives to Beer Pong to Try Out
a year ago
We all know the struggle that comes with play beer pong. Even if you're playing with water, the ball ends up on the floor, back in the cups, with water or beer all over the table, floor, and the botto...
Best Beer Gardens in America You Must Visit
a year ago
From New York to San Fransisco to Nashville, the top beer gardens can be found all around the United States. With beautiful outdoor patios and extensive beer menus, you can't go wrong with visiting on...