Ann King

A woman of the world who feels like she has already lived many lifetimes and adventures in just a handful of decades.

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My Life as the Alcoholic's Spouse
4 days ago
If you are married to an alcoholic, then there is no need for me to tell you the living hell you are put through every day of your life. There is always someone out there who has what they believe are...
Alcoholic Spouse Is Killing Himself, And I Can't Stop It
2 months ago
I am the wife of an alcoholic who is slowly committing suicide, and there is nothing I can do to save him. I have been married almost four decades, don't get me wrong, my husband did not start off a d...
When You Can't Save Them from Themselves
3 months ago
If you or anyone close to you are dealing with an alcoholic then you most likely know what it means to hear "you can save them." No truer four words have ever been spoken. Those of us who deal daily w...
Setting Your Boundaries When Dealing With Alcoholic Spouse
a year ago
I can't tell you how many holidays and get-togethers my alcoholic/drug addicted husband has spoiled over the past decades for me, my kids, family, and friends. Always walking on eggshells, the stress ...
Waking Up in Jail, Headaches and Regret, Hope It Was Worth It
a year ago
I knew it was coming. I have been telling you for months. Now I just hope that alcohol/drug-induced high was worth everything that it has now cost you, me, and our family. As I predicted from one of m...
The Alcoholic's Wife: Friday Night
a year ago
Here it is another Friday night and what am I doing, sitting at home all alone, but enjoying the peace and quiet. My AH left for work this morning as per usual, on the days he actually decides to work...