Carolann Sherwood

Professional nurse for over 40 years

Owned a children's daycare, eight years

Owned an upper scale clothing resale shop

A freelance writer 

Editor since 2010 on a writing platform site

A published author, "Return To The Past" available on Amazon

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a year ago
Whenever anyone has a problem with overuse of food, beverage, drug, alcohol, and anything, it is not a good thing, and the person must realize that there may be a problem. In this article, we are talk...
Correct Wine Types and Pairing with Foods
a year ago
Q. Did you read one of my articles about red wine? If you have not read this article, do so soon and discover the health benefits of drinking just one six-ounce glass of red wine per day. If you buy r...
Red Wine
a year ago
Medical researchers recommend six ounces of red wine one to two times per day for a healthy heart.
Alcohol Dependence, Are You at Risk?
a year ago
Take this simple test to determine if you are at risk for alcohol addiction. If you can claim two or more of these warning signs of alcohol you may be at risk and need to speak to your primary doctor ...