Cherise Threewitt

Freelance writer and editor based in Chicago.

The North Shore’s Best Mai Tai
9 months ago
You haven’t heard from me because a month ago I was in Hawaii, and ever snce then, I’ve been thinking about nothing but Hawaii. While I was in Hawaii — Oahu and Maui, to be precise — we saw the sights...
You Can Pry My Moscow Mule Mugs from My Cold, Lifeless Fingers
a year ago
Last week, news began to circulate that poorly-made copper Moscow mule mugs can cause food poisoning, and if you have a Moscow mule habit, you should reconsider your choice of vessel. Of course, a bun...
How to Get Creative with Tea
a year ago
In my previous entry, I sang the praises of The Garden’s Secret, a unique cocktail found exclusively at Chicago’s The Duck Inn. To recap, The Garden’s Secret is made from a rare Swedish tea and a blen...
The Best Cocktail at Chicago’s Duck Inn
a year ago
The Duck Inn is a fairly new yet celebrated spot on Chicago’s Near South Side. The restaurant features a menu with a heavy local focus, and the backyard patio is an unexpected delight. They also have ...
Polar, the Underdog of Seltzer
a year ago
Regional drinks are an interesting cultural phenomenon across the United States. The South has its bizarre Cheerwine, and my friends in Michigan will defend Faygo to the death. And we’re just talking ...
I Put Balsamic in My Cocktails and You Should, Too.
a year ago
Too often, I find myself in my kitchen trying to recreate a cocktail from a bar or restaurant and it just straight-up misses the mark. No matter how closely I watch the bartender, or how much he or sh...