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Coolest Bar Tricks
2 years ago
Who doesn't love to be the life of the party? Well with these cool bar tricks, you will be impressing those drunk friends or strangers that you are spending your time drinking with at the bar. It might be a smart move to wait until people are nice and drunk first before you begin pulling out these tricks so that you can get the best reaction while also confusing those who you are tricking or betting. All of these tricks are done with simple materials in which you can find in a bar, or even do at...
Best Songs About Drinking
2 years ago
Drinking is one of the world's favorite pastimes, for those who are of age. Enough so that musicians have been writing songs about drinking, getting drunk, and their favorite drinks for years now. The...
Drinking Games You'll Love To Play
2 years ago
While drinking alcohol, there are many routes one can take to getting to that perfect level of drunk. Some prefer drinking at a bar and sipping on their beer or cocktail, while others enjoy the fast p...