Grace Tyler

Self proclaimed wino. Not picky about the wine, is picky about who she drinks it with. I do marathons - on Netflix.

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A Brief History of Tequila
8 months ago
Vibrant blueish-green leaves and the skies of Guadalajara distilled down using an ancient recipe into a power punch and crystal clear spirit: This is the heritage of our most cherished, hangover induc...
Why Wine Will Become More Expensive in the Next Decade
8 months ago
Ready for some bad news? It looks like wine will become more expensive in the foreseeable future. Why? There are a number of factors that will go into the increase in wine prices for 2018. Regardless ...
Wine Country Trips You Need to Add to Your Bucket List
a year ago
From California wine country like Napa and Sonoma to the wine regions of Australia and South Africa, wine country trips are a truly lovely way to see a new place while also enjoying the local wines. M...
How to Drink Ice Wine
2 years ago
Right now, we are in the throes of ice wine season. If you don't know what ice wine is, it's wine that is made with grapes that were frozen on the stem. Around the colder parts of the world, grapes ar...
Best White Sangria Recipes
2 years ago
When you're in the mood for a fruity and light cocktail you should try these well-known white sangria recipes. Most of these recipes are fairly easy to understand and will leave your taste buds feelin...
Best White Wines for Sangria
2 years ago
Sangria is an all around favorite drink among many people since it's easy to make and very flavorful. If you're tired of making sangria with red wine you should give white wine a shot. These light and...