Iwan Palinski

A lover of the IPA, sipper of the single malt, shooter of the hard stuff.

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Non-Alcoholic Beer Brands You'll Actually Want to Drink
6 months ago
Most people drink beer for two reasons: flavor, and to get blitzed. We love to get drunk. That's why we all think sober challenges suck, and why beer tastings rock. Unfortunately, there are some times...
Guide to Craft Beer Glasses
6 months ago
Craft beer tastings, at one point, was kind of a joke among people. It was something that was seen as pretentious and silly; almost to the point that people accused it of trying to elevate "lowbrow" g...
Top Pumpkin Beers for Fall
6 months ago
Ever since Starbucks has made the ever-present, infamous pumpkin spice latte, fall has become known as pumpkin spice season. It's a time when that random smattering of spices that is collectively call...
Best Home Brew Kits and Recipes
a year ago
History has seen beer recorded in Mesopotamian cuneiform (the oldest known form of writing), taxed under the Pharaohs (burial alive was then the penalty for evasion), rinsed through Cleopatra’s hair, ...
Craft Beer Trends That Need to End
a year ago
Craft brewing has been a booming business for the last few decades or so. Of course, with the rise of these small breweries comes the rise of silly gimmicks. Most of these trends stem from marketing m...
Do Bloody Marys Really Cure Hangovers?
a year ago
"I pray thee let me and my fellow have A hair of the dog that bit us last night— And bitten were we both to the brain aright. We saw each other drunk in the good ale glass." —John Heywood, 1546 There ...