Iwan Palinski

A lover of the IPA, sipper of the single malt, shooter of the hard stuff.

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How to Shotgun a Beer Using Just Your Thumb
10 months ago
Let's be honest, it's always in your best interest to avoid going to wild parties and grabbing hold of any of the number of sharp objects laying around when somebody asks you, "Yo, you want to shotgun a beer?" Don't think that we don't get it, either. Traditionally, people use a sharp object to poke a hole in a beer to shotgun it. What good is that really though if you're camping in the wilderness or sneaking beers into a movie theater? If you like cool bar tricks, you need to learn how to shotg...
10 Oldest Cocktails in History
a year ago
People have been getting drunk since the dawn of time, but the cocktails we drink today are relatively new inventions. A cocktail is often defined as an alcoholic mixed drink that contains three or mo...
Why You Should Add Water to Your Whiskey
a year ago
Never let anyone tell you that you shouldn't add water to your whiskey. The typical reason whiskey “connoisseurs” offer against adding water to whiskey is that it dilutes the liquor, but that's not tr...
Easy Vodka Cocktail Recipes Everyone Should Know
a year ago
Every host should memorize a few easy vodka cocktail recipes, and make sure you have the ingredients on hand, as well. By all means, stock your bar with a variety of liquors, liqueurs, and spirits, bu...
Non-Alcoholic Beer Brands You'll Actually Want to Drink
2 years ago
Most people drink beer for two reasons: flavor, and to get blitzed. We love to get drunk. That's why we all think sober challenges suck, and why beer tastings rock. Unfortunately, there are some times...
Guide to Craft Beer Glasses
2 years ago
Craft beer tastings, at one point, was kind of a joke among people. It was something that was seen as pretentious and silly; almost to the point that people accused it of trying to elevate "lowbrow" g...