Jacqueline Hanikeh

Reading good literature plays a huge role in my life — and so does online shopping and wine.

10 Signs You're a Lightweight
9 days ago
I'm the biggest lightweight ever. I'm always the first one to be drunk, the first one to finish having drinks, and the only one who can never participate in drinking games. People see being a lightwei...
Is Red Wine Actually Healthy?
23 days ago
Ah, red wine. The sound of popping open a cork or unscrewing the cap is music to our ears. But nothing beats the sight of someone pouring you a glass of wine that you've been dying for from a very str...
The Grossest Vodka Infusions of All Time
2 months ago
In the amazing world of vodka, there are so many different types of bottles out there and only a few of them taste amazing, like Tito's Homemade vodka. Whether you're the type who takes shot after sho...
How Tito's Vodka Was Made into a Success Story
3 months ago
Out of all the different types of vodka I tried, my heart will always belong to Tito's. Despite it being my all-time favorite vodka, its taste is smooth, easy, and overall amazing. Unlike other vodkas...
10 of the World's Most Expensive Champagnes
3 months ago
Many of us love the bubbly texture and the bitter taste of a good glass of champagne. Whether you're grabbing a glass at a wedding reception or at a dinner party, champagne is one of the best spirits ...
Best Bars in Chicago to Check Out On Your Next Visit
5 months ago
Chicago is a fantastic city to live or even to tour in. There's so much opportunities to partake in and a lot of history in the city. Not to mention Chicago is known for their mouthwatering deep dish ...