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How To Properly Hold Every Type of Drink
a year ago
Some people have their go-to drink of choice, always ordering a glass of cabernet or a pint of Guinness no matter where they go. Others prefer to see the happy hour specials, just in case they can get...
Signs You Can't Tolerate Beer
a year ago
We've all had bad hangovers, or times when we drank a little too much and ended up spending the night wrapped around a porcelain throne. Sometimes, however, the negative side effects of alcohol aren't...
How to Make Wine from Grape Juice
a year ago
The tradition of making homemade wine from grape juice dates back at least to prohibition-era United States, when winemakers would sell blocks of concentrated grape juice with instructions to dissolve...
Must Have Things If You're a Total Beer Nerd
a year ago
If you're as much of a beer nerd as I am, you'll take any excuse to incorporate beer into all aspects of your life. Whether its something to make it easier to drink good beer, something to eat while I...
Best Rums to Try in 2018
a year ago
When most people think of rum, they picture the sweet but rough clear liquor that is central to many a tropical cocktail or the best rum cocktails for parties. There is, however, another completely di...
Best Vodkas for Your Liquor Cabinet
a year ago
Vodka is one of the most versatile and popular spirits in the world. It can be made from any number of ingredients in a variety of methods, and as such, there is a surprisingly vast array of flavors t...