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Best Bourbons to Try in 2018
a year ago
Whether you're a dedicated fan of bourbon or just dipping your toe in, the ever changing selection of bourbon varieties can be hard to keep up with. Don't let the dizzying array of proof statements an...
Best Zero Calorie Mixers
a year ago
Just about everyone will admit they could do with cutting down their calorie intake. Unfortunately, those of us with an affinity for potent potables have an extra hurdle to jump through when it comes ...
Best Brandy Cocktail Recipes Everyone Should Know
a year ago
I love brandy, and I think it's criminally underrated as a sipping spirit as well as an ingredient in cocktails. As the latter, one of brandy's biggest strengths is its surprising adaptability. Its en...
Classic Tequila Cocktail Recipes Everyone Should Know
a year ago
Tequila is one of my all-time favorite spirits. It enjoys immense popularity across North America, but I think its strengths are underutilized in the United States. North of the border, tequila is bes...
Best Craft Beer of 2018
a year ago
American Craft Beer Week has come and gone, but don't feel too upset if you missed out on the festivities. We're living in the golden age of American craft brewing, with small and independent craft br...
Best Boxed Wine to Take on the Go
a year ago
Whether it's a romantic picnic with your loved one or a potluck dinner with a dozen friends, wine is still the go-to, never-miss beverage of choice. Most wine has only one major flaw: its packaging. G...