Liza Zimmerman

Liza has been writing and consulting about wine and food in a savvy, unpretentious way for 20+ yrs. She has visited the major wine and spirits regions and holds the Diploma of Wine & Spirits, the 3-year precursor to Master of Wine.

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Ice Wine and Food Pairing Guide
a year ago
The term "ice wine" is an anglicized form of the German word "eiswein." It is a rich and sweet dessert wine made from the juice of grapes frozen on the vine. Water crystals are still in the juice when...
The Romanticism of Champagne
a year ago
Tiny bubbles: in the wine. They do make all the difference. Leslie Caron sang about it — and love — in the late 1950s in the film Gigi. It made her ebullient in the movie and seems to have had the sam...
The Best Wine and Burger Pairings
a year ago
As we move into outdoor grilling season, those delicious burgers will be popping up more frequently on the menu. While you can also grill them in a pan or bake them in your oven, a great BBQ almost al...
Exploring an Underground Wine World
a year ago
It has both Slavic and Latin influences, both in terms of genetics and wine production, and is geographically sandwiched between the ex-Soviet Republic of the Ukraine and Romania, both of which have f...