Lynne Shumaker

Wannabe bartender and whiskey connoisseur. Enjoys exploring new food pairings for any type of drink. Sometimes I travel to different countries with my friends... :)

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Awesome Moonshine Recipes to Try
9 months ago
Making moonshine is an art. Dating back to thousands of years ago, moonshine originated in the Appalachian Mountains as a secret for commoners to avoid high taxes or outright bans on alcoholic drinks ...
How to Make Limoncello at Home
9 months ago
It makes sense to learn how to make limoncello if you love the drink. It's not always easy to come by, so why not have it on hand? You have full control over the ingredients, not to mention the streng...
Best Jell-O Shot Recipes
a year ago
Whether you're channelling your inner college student or you actually are a college student, Jell-O shots can be a fun and surprisingly tasty addition to any party. While the traditional recipe calls ...
Best Canned Moscow Mules
a year ago
How would you like to take your favorite classic cocktail to your favorite lazy river spot this summer? Maybe you want to take a 6-pack along to the next tailgate party. Perhaps you want to sit in the...
Delicious Gin Cocktail Recipes Everyone Should Know
a year ago
You never want to be the person at the party who doesn’t know how to make a tasty and refreshing cocktail. Nor do you want to be the entry level bartender who has no knowledge of cocktail mixing whats...
Why Does Serving Wine at a Specific Temperature Matter?
a year ago
If you're not a wine professional, you've probably never wondered about serving wine at a specific temperature. But in all honesty, the temperature of your wine will help (or hinder) your enjoyment. I...