Lynne Shumaker

Wannabe bartender and whiskey connoisseur. Enjoys exploring new food pairings for any type of drink. Sometimes I travel to different countries with my friends... :)

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Easy Red Wine Sangria Recipes
5 months ago
Red wine sangria is one of the most popular drinks for a girls night in, a brunch get-together, or even as an accompaniment to a nice bowl of seafood paella. When done right, red wine sangria is savor...
Best Frozen Sangria Recipes
6 months ago
Sangria is a classic drink that always pleases people with its flavor and ease. There are some variations to this delicious drink depending on the specific fruits you add and the consistency of the dr...
Best Ready to Drink Skinny Cocktails
6 months ago
Skinny cocktails are infamous for being low-calorie alcoholic drinks. These drinks are naturally sweetened and are healthier than typical ready to drink cocktails. A regular bottle of grey-goose vodka...
Low Calorie Cocktails to Order at the Bar
7 months ago
Losing weight can be difficult, especially when so many of our society's social gatherings revolve around eating and drinking. I rarely hang out with my friends without going somewhere to get food or ...
Low Calorie Summer Cocktails
7 months ago
Dieting isn't easy, especially if you love to party and drink the night away. After all, if there's one thing that can kill a diet faster than a trip to an all you can eat buffet, it's drinking. Drink...
Tips for Making Classic Drinks
a year ago
Pick up any bartender's guide and you'll find recipes for more than 1,000 drinks, and that doesn't include the latest cocktails created to promote a product or commemorate an event. Despite this proli...