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Film fan. Bartender. 

Bad film reviewer; A reviewer of bad films? Or a film reviewer who is bad at it? You decide.

Bad bartender at Groovy Spoons. 

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Tales from Groovy Spoons 4: 'Interesting Interactions'
10 months ago
Ay up. Malcolm 'ere. Your man on the inside. Ready to dish the dirt on my place o' work. If by any chance you're confused then you can check out my other articles here: part one, part two, and part th...
Tales from Groovy Spoons 3: 'Occupational Hazards'
10 months ago
Hello again. I hope you are well. This is this my third testimony on the weirdness of my workplace. You can find part 1 here. And Part 2 here. But if you're up to date, then lets crack on with today's...
Tales from Groovy Spoons 2: 'Insecurities'
a year ago
Greetings once again. It is I, Malcolm. I'm here to tell you even more stories from Groovy Spoons. You can find my original article here. But if you're all caught up, then lets dive straight in, to ta...
Tales from Groovy Spoons
a year ago
Hello. I'm here today to tell you a story. Not a fantasy epic, or a chilling thriller, but a simple story of how a nice northern man got way out of his depth in a completely abnormal club/pub. That ni...