Miranda O'Conner

Body positive blogger, freelance sculpture, self-proclaimed connoisseur of whiskey, and forever in search of a hamburger as delicious as the ones you see in food commercials. Wendy's just doesn’t cut it.

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Best Wine Cocktails
2 years ago
When people think of cocktails, you may think of tequila, whiskey, or vodka... but wine, though one of the most popular drinks around, is not something many think will work in a cocktail. Sure, everyo...
Celebrity Owned Liquor Brands
2 years ago
Whether a celebrity endorses a liquor brand, finances its production, or gets on his hands and knees to help brew it, liquor and celebrities go hand in hand, almost since the beginning of alcoholic cu...
Insane Geeky Drinking Games (That Will Wreck You)
2 years ago
Drinking games are often acknowledged as something of a dangerous pastime, as many of them can absolutely wreck you. You may wake up hung-over and bleary eyed. You will be unable to remember your own ...
Weird Drinking Laws in Europe
2 years ago
I wrote an article awhile back on weird American drinking laws, and, while there are more than enough to fill a second list, it's time to look across the pond at Europe. Europe has a long, storied his...
10 Hilariously Creative Cocktail Books
2 years ago
It sometimes feels, after you've mixed a few drinks, that no one is creative anymore when asking for special cocktails. White Russian. Manhattan. Screw-driver. Long island ice tea. Every recipe is the...
Weird Drinking Laws in America
2 years ago
Alcohol has had an odd history in the court of law. During Prohibition, alcohol became illegal, which, it turned out, did little to stop people from drinking. Shocking. As the drinking age creeps high...