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10 Fascinating Books About Booze
21 days ago
There are a surprising number of books about booze on the market today that can teach you the history of alcohol, as well as how to craft your own concoctions from brewing beer and wine to mixing a pe...
What Is Baijiu?
a month ago
Many Americans have heard of the Japanese drink sake (though there will be things you probably didn't know about sake as well), but more likely than not, they'll ask the question: “What is baijiu?” Th...
The History of Vodka
2 months ago
The history of vodka spans across many Eastern European countries including Russia, Poland, and Sweden. Each country produces vodka in different ways with varying alcohol content, and the alcoholic be...
Alcohol Companies Owned by Celebrities
3 months ago
Whether you're trying to support your favorite celeb or just looking for quality alcohol, there is no shortage of alcohol companies owned by celebrities. Celebrities are excellent entrepreneurs who kn...
10 Best Keto Cocktails You Will Love
5 months ago
If you’re trying out the keto diet, you’re probably aware that this means you have to carb count, because with ketogenic diets, it’s all about getting your net carbs as low as possible to achieve weig...
How to Make a Watermelon Keg
5 months ago
Making a watermelon keg may seem like a rather peculiar thing to do; however, a watermelon keg can be used for a wide variety of refreshing summer vodka and gin cocktails, and it is a great addition t...