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Best Beer to Pair with Ramen
4 days ago
Ramen is a very deeply misunderstood food in America. Here, when most of us think of ramen, we think of those stupid packing peanuts in broth that impoverished college students are forced to eat out o...
Best Shower Beer Brews
9 days ago
My friends, we live in wonderful, magical times. We live in the time when drinking in the shower isn't a sign of alcoholism, but just a sign of mind-numbingly awesome-cool slackerdom. Shower brews, as...
Best Gluten-Free Beer From Major Breweries
12 days ago
Oh, gluten. You are the pizza crust on our tomato pies, the bread in our bread and butter, and the beer in our...beer. Therein lies a problem, at least if you enjoy a brewski as much as I do. If you d...
Best Oktoberfest Beers
18 days ago
Oktoberfest is a drinker's holiday, and to a point, it's where the best beers of the season battle like they're competing for a spot in Valhalla. It's a time when guys with beer bellies dress in leder...
What Is Ice Wine?
25 days ago
I've tried just about every kind of wine you could imagine. I've drank blue wine. I've enjoy red wines and white wines galore. Dessert wines like port and sherry, I've enjoyed — in the sense that I pr...
Easy to Make Sangria Recipes
a month ago
Sangria has become one of the most popular cocktails in America, and it's a drink that's being sold by the pitcher in restaurants from coast to coast. It's a cocktail that goes well with just about ev...