Riley Raul Reese

Riley Reese is comic book fanatic who loves anything that has to do with science-fiction, anime, action movies, and Monster Energy drink.

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How Alcohol Can Affect Your Body
6 months ago
For the past six years of my life, I had a serious problem. Like many people my age, I was a functional alcoholic. I would drink anywhere from three to six beverages a day, and on the weekends? It was...
The 11 Best Campari Cocktails That Are Easy to Make
a year ago
Campari is one of the few old school apéritif liqueurs that managed to stay popular throughout the years. Old world as Campari is, this fruit and herb-infused liqueur has rightfully earned its place o...
Best Gifts for Your Favorite Beer Lovers
a year ago
I don't know whether it's just a "writer" thing, or whether it's an "everyone" thing, but it seems to me like everyone has that one friend who really, truly appreciates beer. It just seems to be the n...
Best Cheeses to Pair with Red Wines
2 years ago
Red wines are not exactly the normal pairing when it comes to cheese platters. Most people just assume white wines are the best cheese pairing option — regardless of the cheeses that are on the platte...