Serenity Seeker

I am a single mother of one daughter. I support people affected by someone else's addiction(s). I am currently studying psychology, with the view of it assisting me with life coaching.

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Alcoholism & My Child
25 days ago
I am the wife of an alcoholic and would like to share my experience of what I have learned in the process of becoming lost in the vortex of his disease. I wish to share how this has affected our daugh...
Alcoholism and the Blame Cycle
a month ago
Have you noticed that the alcoholic appears to blame you for everything? You may have prepared the best meal, or overly cleaned the home, or made sure the children were all in bed before he arrived ho...
Stepping Away From Madness
a month ago
Many say when a person is intoxicated they tell the truth. I call bullshit! Everything a person says when they are intoxicated is utter toilet dribble. Have you ever been in a conversation with a drun...