Skunk Uzeki

Skunk Uzeki is an androgynous pothead and a hard partier.  When they aren't drinking and causing trouble, they're writing articles about the fun times they have. 

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Best Rum Cocktails for Parties
2 years ago
Rum cocktails tend to have an intimidating or downright bad reputation among drinkers. Possibly because of how sweet rum can be, or because of how many bad decisions seem to come from drinking them, r...
How To Open Wine Without a Corkscrew
2 years ago
There was a point where I lived in a warehouse with a bunch of other rag-tag artist individuals. None of us were particularly wealthy, but a lot of us did enjoy our wines. But, unlike the 40s of malt ...
Themed Cocktails
2 years ago
Themed cocktails are big now – really big. This is particularly true among geeks who enjoy cocktails named after their favorite characters and drinks featured in movies, TV shows, and books. In fact, ...
How To Handle A Drunk Friend
2 years ago
If you've been following my writing, then you know I'm a party animal. Though many people would say that partying isn't good for you, I'll beg to differ. I think that partying has a lot to teach you –...
Health Benefits of Beer
2 years ago
Beer is much maligned. We're often told that the health benefits of beer are really nonexistent. We're warned about the dreaded "beer belly" and about how it makes us make bad decisions. The fact is t...
Drinks Adored By Royalty
2 years ago
Many people have claimed to put together a meal that was "fit for a king" in their days - but how many people have actually tried to accompany those meals with drinks that were royalty-approved? The f...