Tiffany "Texas Wine Woman" Proske

Wine enthusiast and storyteller. It is through my love affair with wine that I found my inspiration and voice. I am crafting my first fiction novel in addition to penning articles about my adventures exploring the Texas Wine Region. 

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Old World Versus New World Wines
10 months ago
There is a common debate among wine drinkers all over the world about which are the superior wines: Old World or New World. People will often voice their preference for one over the other. In fact, pe...
An Afternoon in Driftwood, Texas
10 months ago
During my quest to learn more about Texas wines, I picked up my Wine Bible by Karen MacNeil and turned to the section about Texas wine regions. MacNeil references the founders of Fall Creek Vineyards,...
My Appreciation for Texas Wine
a year ago
This past summer, I received an invitation to attend the 10-year anniversary party for two good friends of mine. They were hosting it at the Austin Winery, an "urban winery" and "tasting lounge" locat...
Southern Hospitality and European Sophistication
a year ago
Autumn is just now beginning to cast its spell on the Texas Hill Country, with burst of burnt orange and gold scattered among the evergreens. Cruising down Highway 290, also known as the Texas Wine Tr...