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Best Bar Games Ever Created

Want to bring home the funnest games from your favorite bars? These are the all-time thrilling bar games to get a kick out of after a few drinks in.

A bar with multiple, fun games is seriously a great bar. You get to enjoy drinks one after another and then head to one of the game stations and start playing while you're a bit tipsy. Who doesn't love playing games this way? That's what makes games even more fun to certain people! You start to play a game you know how to play well but you're playing it like you've never played it before after two glasses in. And having games at your bar brings the patrons right in! 

But your favorite bar games aren't only meant to be at bars, you can acquire your very own! The majority of the games are pretty practical to get your hands on, especially the boardgames. However, don't think that the giant Jenga or giant Uno is impossible to get. These are the all-time greatest bar games you can buy for yourself. Or spice up the entertainment at your own home bar with these exciting bar games! Remember to always drink responsibility.

Giant Wooden Toppling Tower by GoSports

Basically an alternative to Jenga, Toppling Tower is among everyone's favorite game to play at the bar. The fact that it's giant excites just about anyone. Not to mention when the tower collapses... it's like the sound and aftermath of an explosion.

Anyways, giant Toppling Tower is a great game even to have at home! You can either play it indoors or outdoors for the best experience. The whole point of the game is to pull out blocks without causing the tower to collapse. And when someone does happen to pull out a block that cause the tower to tip over, make sure everyone is out of the way of the direction where the tower is falling. Getting hit by this is no fun... but the game as a whole is!

Nine-Feet Shuffleboard by Hathaway

Hathaway Challenger 9-ft Shuffleboard - Dark Cherry finish - Toys"R"Us
Enjoy pub style shuffleboard fun in the comfort of your home. The Challenger 9-ft Shuffleboard Table is packed with quality features in a rich Dark Cherry finish. The ...

Among the best bar games to purchase, Shuffleboard is really a great game. No matter how old the concept of this game is, it'll always be exciting to the drunks at a bar. But even right at home, it's a competitive game to play with family and friends.

The idea of Shuffleboard is very simple to understand. Players in the game have to use the butcher block to hit the pucks across the board and properly land on one of the numbers. The player with the most numbers wins the game. And I bet playing this a few drinks in makes this game a great time. 

90mm Bocce Set by Franklin Sports Recreational

Franklin Sports Recreational 90mm Bocce Set - Toys"R"Us
The Franklin Sports Recreational 90mm Bocce Set features:Balls: (8) 90mm all-weather molded bocce balls, (2) red, (2) yellow, (2) green, and (2) bluePallino: (1) 40mm ...

Have you ever heard of Bocce? It's one of the best classic games and among the funnest bar games ever. Easy to play, even when you're a few cups in at the bar! The game basically revolves around the white tiny ball—the pallino. With the two same-colored larger balls that you have, you have to attempt to throw your balls right next to the pallino. And the player who's balls are closest to the pallino wins. Simple, right?

The Bocce set comes with eight 90mm all-weather molded bocce balls and one pallino. Either play indoors on carpet or right outside, Bocce isn't just a great game just to play at the bar!

Scrabble Deluxe by Scrabble

Who doesn't love Scrabble? From the more competitive bar games you can play, Scrabble is probably more of a game where you really have to use your mind. You'd have to construct words with the letters that you have in order to gain points. You can also add your letters to words on the board. 

However, as for the Deluxe version, it comes with new features to the classic game! This time, the board is wheeled so players can turn the board and won't have to read upside down anymore. Plus, there's a carrying case to hold everything together! With 100 wooden letter tiles, four tile racks, and one plush drawstring bag, this version is so much more better to play with anyone.

Dart Game Set by Trademark Games

Easily one of the most exciting bar games you can play, you can find Darts in almost any bar you walk into. It's also one of the much older games in history. Anyways, Darts comes with a very simple concept behind it. You're essentially taking your needled darts and throwing them against the board in hopes of getting a bullseye.

This specific set actually comes with the classic 20-point darts and the target bullseye board. However, these darts feature both British and American flag veins for some team rivalry! Also, the back of the target board features a different board, but still with the same concept. 

Giant Uno Playing Cards by Cardinal Games

Cardinal Games Giant Uno Playing Cards Game - Toys"R"Us
It's the classic and beloved card game, filled with surprises. Skips, Reverses, Draw Twos, color-changing Wild and Draw Four Wild cards are all inside the card ...

Everyone loves giant card games and boardgames, that's why this giant Uno is among the all-time best bar games ever. This classic and loved card game can never, ever get old. With the cards in your hand, or in your arms since these cards are massive, the whole point is to get rid of your cards completely and avoid getting more.

The size of these Uno cards are 7.4 x 10.1 inches, which makes this card game far more interesting to play. Just imagine playing with giant cards! However, only two to ten players can play at once. And try to avoid getting a giant paper cut!

Giant 4 In A Row by Yard Games

Ah, 4 In A Row. I don't think anyone can refuse to play you. Especially since you're giant! Among the greatest bar games straight out of your favorite bar, this 4 In A Row game can certainly become pretty competitive. And the fact that this specific 4 In A Row is massive, everyone wants to play it.

Ideal to play right at home, too, the game is about getting four of your colored coins in a row. Either horizontal, vertical, or diagonal, once you get four of your coined lined up properly, you win. 

Cornhole Bean Bag Toss by Hathaway

Hathaway Cornhole Bean Bag Toss Game Set - Toys"R"Us
The Hathaway Bean Bag Toss game will provide hours of friendly competition. Perfect for your next cookout, picnic or tailgate. This exciting game is easy to play for all ...

Who doesn't love a good game of Cornhole? Cornhole is surely one of the best bar games and when anyone walks into a bar and sees this game... it's time for a challenge. This game is so fun to play while drinking, but you don't have to drink to get a kick out of this. It's literally an alternative to beer pong.

This is how the game goes; with your bean bags, you have to try and attempt to get your bean bags into the hole on the other person's board. Whoever gets the most bean bags into the opposing hole wins. Just make sure you don't toss the bean bags too hard, you'll knock someone's drink out of her hands.

Novelty Lucky Roulette Drinking Game Set by oobest

Now this... is a wild game. While it's definitely not a game for kids to play, this is a true bar game that you can get yourself to play at home, too. Resembling to any roulette concept, this is more of taking shots than winning money.

Simply fill the shot glasses with whatever liquor you want, or take shots of water to stay hydrated! And once you spin the roulette, toss the ball in and whatever number the ball lands on, you take that shot! I guarantee once you say Lucky Roulette, everyone will come running to play. Lucky Roulette is also one of the drinking games you'll love to play.

Giant Chess by Kettler

Last but certainly not least among the greatest bar games ever is giant Chess! Those who know how to play Chess properly and fairly will literally lose their minds over this giant version of the game. Just seeing this game in any bar will make them go nuts.

Even the bar patrons who are a few glasses in and don't know how to play Chess will come up with their own version of the game. Just the idea of a giant Chess game in sight excites anyone. Hey, the set can also make an awesome home bar decor!

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