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Best Craft Beers That Won't Make You Fat

Looking to enjoy a low-calorie drink, but want the high-calorie flavor of a good beer? Check out the best craft beers that won't make you fat.

Enjoying craft beer is not something that tends to be good for anyone's waistline. It sucks, but science has shown that "beer belly" is a real thing — and it is all weight gain due to the calorific nature of downing a pint or two every day. 

Most people don't realize how bad drinking beer is for you. Depending on what kind of beer you drink, you can end up sinking as much as 450 calories per 12-ounce bottle. (Looking at you, Dogfish 120 Minute IPA!) 

If you want to enjoy beer without wrecking your body or tipping the scales, it is possible. However, you will have to choose your beer wisely, and yes, you will have to pay attention to your diet a bit more than you're used to doing.  

According to beer experts, these are the best craft beers that won't make you long as you drink them in moderation, anyway. 

Founders All Day

The majority of calories in beer tends to come from alcohol, which in turn means that high ABV beers are off the list. That doesn't mean, though, that flavor needs to go by the wayside. 

For people who love a hoppy, almost smoky kind of beer, Founders All Day is a session IPA that will offer you plenty of flavor, a respectable 4.7 ABV and comes in an easy to grip can that keeps portion control on point. 

The high hops count in this also means that you'll get polyphenols in your system — and studies have shown they help bring out most of the health benefits of beer. 

Calorie Count: 147

Stone Brewery Levitation Ale

Stone Brewery has a lot of great beers that taste like they've been brewed with care — primarily because they have been. As one of the better craft beer breweries to go mainstream, Stone has a rep for making extreme beers that can put hair on anyone's chest due to the high alcohol content.

Their Levitation Ale, which has a crisp and refreshing flavor profile, has only 4.4 percent ABV. Incidentally, that makes it one of the lowest calorie offerings that Stone has on the menu too. For people who love Stone's work, try Levitation Ale, one of the best craft beers that won't make you fat. 

Calorie Count: 132

Guinness Draught

Believe it or not, one of the best craft beers that won't make you fat is a St. Paddy's Day favorite, too. Grabbing a rich, chocolatey Guinness Draught is often the best choice you can find on any standard bar menu. In fact, it's one of the best dark beers for dieters at any venue. 

Considering how thick and decadent Guinness tastes, it's hard to believe it's one of the best craft beers that won't make you fat, right? Well, if you're curious as to how this draught managed to keep so many waistlines intact, it has a lot to do with its low ABV of around 4.3 percent. 

Calorie Count: 125 

Boulevard Brewing Pop-Up Session IPA

If you're a dieter, it's clear that session IPAs are in. Boulevard Brewing's golden and citrusy-piney brew offers a nice pop of flavor without throwing a wallop of calories in your way. 

Fans of malted flavor with a strong fall ale type of flavor profile will enjoy what Boulevard Brewing was able to come up with. The slightly piney flavor of the beer also makes it one of the must-try craft beers for fall enthusiasts, too. 

With a low ABV of around 4.2 percent, you don't have to worry about getting too wasted to count calories with this low-calorie craft beer. 

Calorie Count: 139  

Sierra Nevada Kellerweis

Love light, wheaty beers? Well, wheat isn't usually the best thing for dieters to eat. However, Sierra Nevada was able to make a light wheat beer that tastes amazing, has a smooth texture and also boasts a beautiful light honey color. 

This Hefewizen is considered to be one of the best craft beers that won't make you fat — and often outdoes higher calorie beers when it comes to flavor. BeerAdvocate called it a "world-class" brew, which means that you can expect a truly decadent experience with Kellerweis. 

At around 4.80 ABV, it also packs a slightly heavier punch than most other beers on this list. So, you might also get a bit buzzed from one of these. 

Calorie Count: 168 

Evil Twin Sour Bikini

Evil Twin's Sour Bikini is one of those beers that you know will end up being a hit or miss, depending on what kind of flavor you like. This is because it's a sour beer with a very tart, fruity flavor. And, surprisingly, it's one of the best craft beers that won't make you fat. 

If you love drinking beers that have a candy-like taste to them, this is one of the best craft beers that won't wreck your bikini body. Despite the heavily sweet-tart flavor, this 3 percent ABV beer will only clock in at 90 calories. 

Calorie Count: 90

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Best Craft Beers That Won't Make You Fat
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