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Best Drinking Games You Can Play Without a Deck of Cards

Team bonding, giggling, and getting into trouble all thanks to the best drinking games you can play without a deck of cards.

I love playing these games with my rec soccer team, which is made up of the most badass, fiercest women I know. Self-care is important; it belongs in Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. And this is some of the most fun self-care I get! 

The Name Game

Write the name of a famous person on a post it and stick it on your head. People take turns giving you clues and each time you guess wrong you take a drink. The person who says the clue that helps you get it right becomes the next person with the name on their head!

What's My Problem?

We actually play this game as a team. This is not one of the best drinking games you can play without cards if you're a group of people who don't already love each other. This is a drinking game that requires a lot of trust between the participants. 

One person walks away from the group and then the group decides one of their bad traits. Nothing super cutting that will make them cry and ruin the evening, but something easy like, "You're always biting at your nails." Then they come back and try to guess the trait. It's a lot of fun!

Mind Meld

This is one of the best drinking games you can play without cards and it's one people get weirdly invested in the longer it goes on. Get everyone into a circle and then either in pairs going around the circle or everybody at once, countdown and say a word. Like, "Dangerous," and, "Woman." Then say the word that you think is between those two words, which in this case can be, "Ariana Grande. Every time you mess up, take a drink! If you think this is hard sober just imagine how hard it is to do three beers in.

Hot Spot

This is one of the drinking games you can play without cards that's very simple! Just make a circle with the person in the middle singing a song. Then you take turns tagging them out and singing a song inspired by their song. You can go from Cardi B to Whitney Houston to The Spice Girls within seconds. You just gotta take a drink every time you hop out of the circle. It's so much fun and by the end of it we usually all end up singing Sara Bareilles together. 

Thunder Dome

Make a circle with two people in the middle. Everyone on the outside starts chanting, "Thunder Dome! Thunder Dome!" Then you shout a category like, "Breakfast cereals!" And the two people in the middle take turns saying cereals until one of them can't. That person has to step out and drink and a new challenger enters! This is one of the best drinking games you can play without cards because people get so weirdly competitive!

TV/Movie Drinking Games

Next time you're binging a show on Netflix invite over some friends for one of the best drinking games you can play without cards. I just did this for season 2 of Dear White People. We took a drink every time one of the white people on the show says something racist, every time they watch Defamation (the shows pitch-perfect perfect parody of Scandal), and every time we all cried because the show is so good! 

Straight Face

This is one of the best drinking games you can play without cards after you've had a few drinks. Just go on the internet and start looking for memes. Show them to your friends. Everyone who laughs takes a drink. Whoever doesn't laugh gets to pick the next meme. If laughter is the best medicine then Straight Face deserves to be one of the most popular drinking games!


Even though everyone on this rec soccer team knows each other we still play this game, although it does get us in trouble sometimes! Sit in a circle. The person to your right whispers a question that's answered by the name of someone in your group. You say that name out loud. If they want to know the question they have to take a drink. I think the trouble it can get us into is part of why this is one of the best drinking games you can play without cards! Also, it's fun when the question is meaningless like, "Who would you give a Whopper to?"

Most Likely

This is an oldie but goody when it comes to the best drinking games you can platy without cards. You sit in a group and ask a question like, "Who's most likely to show up to practice late?" or, "Who's most likely to be passive aggressive if you show up to practice late?" and then on the count of three you all point at who you think is the answer to the question. Take a drink for every finger pointing at you.

Drunken Mario Kart

This is one of the best drinking games you can play without cards because Mario Kart is one of the best games you can play! The bar we hang out at has a Nintendo 64 and they project the game onto a giant screen. You run your race and you have to finish a whole beer while you do it. And then everyone but the winning player drinks a shot. 

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Best Drinking Games You Can Play Without a Deck of Cards
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