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Best Father's Day Gifts for a Dad Who Likes to Drink

Share a beer with Dad this Father's Day... and give him one of the best gifts for a dad who likes to drink to make him smile even wider.

There's a certain point in your life where you stop being a kid, and you start being an adult. In most peoples' eyes, this happens when you are 18, when you get a job, or when you move out on your own. On Father's Day, though, it's often best seen when you're old (and wise) enough to share a drink with your father. 

Most dads do look forward to this life point and if you're ready to take that father-child bonding step, you might as well make it happen on Father's Day. Many dads also just enjoy a cold beer at night, once in a while. 

Shopping on Father's Day can be tricky if you don't know what's available out there. Whether you're ready to share your first beer with your father, or just looking for gifts for a dad who likes to drink, the following presents will be sure to please. 

RBT Tabletop Corkscrew by Rabbit

Without a doubt, many of the best gifts for a dad who loves wine would be accessories that make drinking wine easier than ever. This tabletop corkscrew is one of Rabbit's newest inventions, and is designed to stylishly and effortlessly uncork wine bottles.

This unique bottle opener fits any standard-shaped wine bottle that's up to 1.5 liters in volume and makes bottle opening a cinch. Your dad will love it, especially if he throws a wine and food pairing party

iSommolier Wine Decanter by Breville

Speaking of wine aficionados, what good is opening a bottle if you're not decanting it correctly? Breville made one of the best Father's Day gifts for your dad if he likes to drink wine like a connoisseur. Decanting your wine requires a lot of skill and a little science. 

Breville's iSommolier Wine Decanter aerates your wine and chills it to its  ideal temperature. The end result is a sip that tastes perfectly fresh and unlocks all of wine's natural aromas. 

Aurea Profumi Decanter by Steklarna Rogaska d.d.

A father who's more old-school in his wine drinking habits probably wouldn't want a tech-heavy decanter in his arsenal. For the dad who loves a classic wine tasting experience, Rogaska's Aurea Profumi Decanter would be a far better choice. 

This decanter is built in a way that swirls wine around its base, releasing aromas naturally. Elegant and stately, this decanter will bring out Dad's inner sommelier in a way that most other gifts won't. 

Bubbly Sparkling Wine Making Kit by Brooklyn Brew Shop

Brew kits are becoming the go-to gifts for a dad who likes to drink—and this is true whether he likes wine, beer, or infused vodka. The Brooklyn Brew Shop's Bubbly Sparkling Wine Making Kit is one of the greatest gifts for dads who are curious about winemaking, but aren't quite sure if they could make sparkling wine like a pro. 

Everything you need to make some delicious bubbly with dad is here, and yes, instructions are included. We suggest learning some champagne cocktails if you want to really make the most of your batch. 

'Hamilton' Travel Bar Kit by Picnic Time

Have a dad who loves the outdoors, but also loves a nice martini? Then the Hamilton Travel Bar Kit from Picnic Time might be one of the better picks on this list. This bar kit comes with a multisectional box capable of gently carrying three bottles of booze, four Old Fashioned glases, a full array of bar tools, and a cutting board set for garnishes.

We very strongly suggest this gift for families who live together and are looking to improve overall life quality with the right gear. If you're looking for everything you need in a home bar, minus the bar area, getting this kit will be a good life decision for you and Dad alike. 

Scoop Ice Bucket by Nambe

The Nambe Scoop Ice Bucket is one of those rare gifts for a dad who both likes drinking and might have a part-time job as a modern art museum curator. This upscale ice bucket looks more like a work of art than it does a drinking accessory, doesn't it?

Elegant and capable of helping you keep your whiskey on the rocks supplied with enough ice for slow drinking, this ice bucket is as much a statement about that dad as it is a great drinking tool. 

Wine Aerator by Vintorio

Vintorio makes a point of telling people that "life is too short to drink bad wine," and we can totally agree with that statement. This decanter is a hybrid between an aerator and a general serving tool. 

It swirls, it pours, it aerates, and it does it all while looking incredibly elegant. Your wine will taste better, stay fresher, and just be awesome if you use this. Needless to say, Dad will love this gift on Father's Day because it doesn't get much better than this. 

The Smoking Gun Pro Smoke Infuser by Breville x PolyScience

Smoked cocktails are the hottest new trend in upscale bars, and for most people, this is something they'll never get to try at home. One of the coolest gifts for a dad who likes to drink and act as a mixologist, therefore, is the Smoking Gun Pro. 

People who want high quality bar tools need not look any further than this. This smoke infuser is the same one that professionals use to add that woody flavor to their goods. 

Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses by Uncommon Goods

Tequila drinkers, unite! Sons and daughters who are seeking out Father's Day gifts for a dad who loves tequila by the shot have ample products they can choose from. However, if you really want to add a kick of flavor to their booze, why not do it with Himalayan salt? 

These carved salt shot glasses ensure that Dad will have a nice hint of spice to his spicy tequila, every single time. There's also four in every set, so there's plenty of time to take shots with the family. 

Old Fashioned Whiskey Infusion Kit by Ryan & Melanie Belshee

Ryan and Melanie Belshee are two artisans who love making gifts for anyone that drinks fine whiskeys, which may include your dad. As you might already know, whiskeys taste best when they're infused with spices and other aromatics. 

This unique kit will give your dad the goods he needs to make a ready-to-pour old fashioned. If he loves that spicy cocktail, then you're going to love his reaction to receiving this kit.

Model Two Elite Pro Wine System by Coravin

One of the biggest issues when you are a solo drinker is the "wine issue." If you uncork the bottle of wine, it'll go bad relatively quickly and that means you will have to drink it all pretty soon. On the other hand, if you don't uncork it, you won't drink wine...

Until now, anyway. Coravin created a system that allows you to access the wine without removing its cork, making the "wine issue" go away completely. If your dad tends to get upset about wasting wine due to this age-old issue, Coravin is the best gift to offer up this Father's Day. 

Carafe Set by Ullo

Another excellent gift for dads who drink wine is a carafe set. Ullo has a uniquely stylish take on this classic serving utensil, and much like other decanters, helps aerate and freshen wine as its served. If you're looking for a sturdy carafe, this is it. The entire set is made of borosilicate glass. 

128oz. uKeg by GrowlerWerks

Considering that this is a Father's Day gift list, it just doesn't feel right to have an entire list that doesn't involve at least one or two beer-related goodies. Growlers are the new (old) way to keep craft beer fresh when you visit local breweries. 

GrowlerWerks makes a highly functional, easy to clean keg that keeps your beer fresh and lets you taste your beer that remains "fresh from the tap" in terms of flavor and carbonation. Yum!

Scotch Whiskey Carafe No.3 by Villeroy and Boch

A good drink expert will tell you that a wine carafe should never be mistaken for a whiskey carafe. Whiskey carafes are meant to help present drinks elegantly without adding too much air into the bottle. 

This carafe is specially designed to work with whiskey rituals and a variety of different serving methods. No matter how your Dad serves his booze, it's a perfect gift for a dad who likes to drink hard liquor, keep it old school, and do it with quality wares.

Noe Modular Bottle Holder by Alessi

No matter what kind of drink your dad prefers, he's going to need to have a place that will hold his drinks for him. This bottle holder is perfect for holding just about any type of liquor in a modern, compact, and easy-to-access way. 

Made of thermoplastic resin and carefully sculpted by designers, this is as useful a gift as they come and can fit in any home. It's a perfect gift for the aesthetically-oriented dad.

BeerTender Stainless Steel Kegerator by Heineken

Yes—it's from the brewery. Heineken is a great beer company (OK, it's a beer company; work with us!) and also makes some great beer accessories, too. 

The BeerTender is a special home draught keg that keeps beer at 37.5 degrees Fahrenheit, the optimal temperature for beer. If your dad loves a refreshing, fizzy pour every time, he'll love seeing this Father's Day gift. 

Chillsner Beer Chiller by Corkcicle

Corkcicle is known for making specialty beer chillers that keep your beer cold without involving ice. This simple chiller works effortlessly. Just stick the Chillsner in a freezer, freeze it, and drop it down a beer bottle's neck. 

Gifts for a dad who likes to drink beer are easy to get, but rarely are actually functional. These are a great alternative to beer koozies

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Best Father's Day Gifts for a Dad Who Likes to Drink
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