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Best Gifts for Vodka Lovers

Viva la vodka! These gifts for vodka lovers will make sure to keep them warm during the winter—and offer you a shot as a way of saying thanks.

Everyone knows about whiskey accessories like stones and special glassware. Rum lovers get to have special goodies too—or Tiki-related goodies to enjoy. Brandy aficionados also have their own array of glassware, as do cognac fans. 

But vodka lovers? Well, they tend to be overlooked as far as gifts go. It's time to change that; and that's why we're compiling this list of awesome gifts for vodka lovers.

Take a look at what we found! Then, go ahead and give that one vodka drinker in your life a reason to raise a glass and say, "За здоровье!"*

(*That means, "To your health"  in Russian.) 

Mirage Iridescent Moscow Mule Mug by Blush

Moscow Mules are now the hottest vodka-based drink out there, so why not give them a gift that's an upgrade on the traditional copper mug? This is one of those gifts for vodka lovers that will let them stand out in a crowd, while they enjoy their favorite cocktail. 

Sure, it may be a novelty gift due to the hue, but its stainless steel material and 16-ounce capacity make this one mug a great gift idea. 

The Barware Set by True Mirage

Sometimes, the best gifts for vodka lovers aren't about a specific cocktail. (Shocker, right?) Rather, many of vodka aficionados are more interested in experimenting with a bunch of cocktails. This makes sense since vodka is one of the most versatile liquors out there. 

This beautiful iridescent stainless steel barware set will add a touch of beauty to their home bar—and also give them limitless ways to enjoy exploring the many possibilities of vodka. 

Oh, and FYI: They also have a matching bottle opener, too, for the vodka fan who might be searching up sangria recipes.

Powered By Vodka by LookHuman

We need not explain why this is one of the best gifts for vodka lovers out there. Why? Because, let's face it, we've all been powered by vodka at least once. It's comfy, funny, and snuggly. You can't hate this sweater if you tried. 

Hitchcock 6-Piece Decanter Set by Birch Lane

College drinking days are over! So, you might as well drink in style—and that's why this gorgeous glass decanter set is one of the best gifts for vodka lovers who enjoy their vodka straight. 

It's a perfect gift for entertaining friends, but also looks slick enough to just enjoy a shot (or six) on your own. Needless to say, this is a gift that the "bougie buddy" you have in your circle will want to have. 

You Say Potato Mug by Look Human

If your friend is the type of vodka drinker who tends to enjoy a shot of their stuff in a mug, we won't judge. This vodka-themed humor mug is a great way to hold Screwdriver cocktails...or really large quantities of vodka. Either way, it's a Christmas gift they're sure to use. 

The Good Measure Cocktail Recipe Glass by Fred and Friends

Remember how we mentioned that a lot of vodka aficionados are crazy about uncovering awesome vodka cocktails, too? This glass shows you how to perfectly pour a bunch of classic vodka cocktails—and therefore is one of the best gifts for vodka lovers that enjoy playing bartender. 

Best of all? You don't need any cocktail tools to make any of these awesome drinks. Just follow the instructions, and you're good to go!

The Spirit Infusion Kit by Craft Connections Co.

It's really, really hard to find a vodka lover who doesn't love infusions, which is why this Spirit Infusion Kit will be one of the best gifts your friend can receive. You can make over 70 different recipes, each with mouthwatering flavors that'll add an extra pop to your friend's cocktail. 

The recipe book alone would score highly among the best gifts for vodka lovers out there—but this kit? It's a home run. 

Vodka Shooter Set with Ash Caddy by SPARQ Home

Stylish shooters will always have a special place in a vodka fans' hearts. That's why this hyper-elegant, modern-yet-rustic set of vodka shooters from SPARQ Home will make for one of the best gift ideas out there. 

Truth be told, any shooter set will deserve a place among the best gifts for vodka lovers. What makes this unique is that the shooters can be frozen, which in turn allows them to keep drinks cold for hours on end. 

Mug Shots Set by The Unemployed Philosophers Guild

Is there a true crime fan in the house? If so, they'll love this set of six shot glasses—also known as Mug Shots. Each shot glass has a famous gangster's face printed on it, plus little details about what made them so terrifying to the police. 

This is one of the best gifts for vodka lovers or that one true crime fan who can't get enough of killers, gangsters, and criminals of all kinds. Best of all? At least one was a famous bootlegger. (Lookin' at you, Al Capone!)

Grey Goose Tumbler Set by Bottles and Wood

This is definitely one of the most environmentally-friendly gifts for vodka lovers out there. These two cute tumblers are made of upcycled Grey Goose bottles, and perfect for the vodka fan who's always looking for a conversation starter. 

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