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Best Pink Gins to Make Pretty Cocktails This Summer

Sippin' pretty in pink just got easier thanks to these pink gins hitting the market.

Gin is one of those liquors that tends to be grossly underrated and often overlooked in favor of more mainstream choices like vodka. This is doubly true when you're discussing cocktail recipes for ladies' nights out. After all, most women are all about trying out the best wine cocktail recipes—not gin recipes, right? 

Though the much-maligned liquor is often relegated to simple mixtures like gin and tonics, the truth is that it's time to bring gin out to the world a as a new favorite. And, what better way to do that than to give good ol' gin a pretty new makeover?

These pretty pink gins will win over any girly girl, and will taste great in your next cocktail too!

Skin Gin Pink Edition by Skin Gin

Kicking off our list of pink gins is a gin that comes ready for the pinko in your life to enjoy immediately. This delicious gin comes in a reusable pink flask, has a crisp citrus-mint flavor, and could easily belong in your own house mojito recipe... if you let it. 

Serve it chilled, and you will wonder how you ever survived without this delicious German gin. 

Grapefruit Gin by Buss No. 509

Though many people aren't aware of this, Belgian gin is something of a status symbol among gin drinkers. Buss No. 509 has a sterling reputation among gin distillers in the country, and right now, they also make some of the best gin infusions on the market. 

The company's Grapefruit Gin is heavily flavored with liquorice, vanilla, and pink grapefruit—a perfect punch of flavor for your next martini. With its beautiful rosy hue, is it really that shocking that it's become a cult favorite? 

Bitter Truth Pink Gin by Perfect Measure

Don't be put off by the name of the company that makes this liquor; this remains one of the most delicately flavored pink gins on the market. The ever-so-slightly pink hue comes from a light touch of quality German bitters. 

Heady and yet at the same time, pleasantly herbal, this is a gin that will make any martini a truly one of a kind treat. All of the most popular gin cocktail recipes you know will become instant classics in your home the moment you add this to them.

Victoria Pink Gin by Gin Lane

A lot of pink gins are only slightly pink, and really, where's the fun in that? A nice splash of color can do wonders to a cocktail's presentation and that's where Gin Lane's Victoria Pink really tends to shine. This brightly colored gin will give you a nice golden-rose tint to any cocktail you make. 

Flavor-wise, expect a nice even punch of sweetness and spice in every sip. You will love it in just about every cocktail you want to make, or might even find it to be worthy of an "on the rocks" pour!

Pink Gin by Hoxton

We can't talk about pink gins without involving one of the pinkest on the list: Hoxton's own Pink Gin. This bright pink liquor is meant to give your cocktails a serious splash of rose in every single sip. 

Along with its rosy tint, Hoxton's Pink Gin comes infused with rosehip, bergamot, and rose botanicals. Expect a floral explosion in your mouth once you add this romantically-themed gin to your next punch. 

Pink Grapefruit & Pomelo Gin by Chase

If you're looking for pink gins that work well in a fruity cocktail, then look no further than this nifty number from Chase. This potato-based gin has elements of licorice, pomelo, and grapefruit that really come through in every cocktail. 

Admittedly, the anise-y taste of this gin makes it a "love or hate" option for some. However, if you're a fan of licorice, you're going to love the fruity-smoky flavor profile this bottle offers. It might be the most underrated gin on this list. 

Pomegranate & Rose Gin Liqueur by Edinburgh Gin Distillery

One thing we really love about pink gins is that they make it possible to like gin, even if you are not a major gin fan. Technically, this isn't a gin; it's a gin liqueur. Even so, we're counting it because it's made by a gin distillery and it tastes amazing. 

The flavor is what makes this one of the best gins for people who hate gin. It tastes like Turkish Delight. If you're a fan of that floral yet fruity flavor profile, you're going to love the creaminess that this liqueur adds to your cocktail. 

Original Pink Gin by Edgarton

Edgarton is the company that first came up with the concept of pink gins—and if you ask their fans, they still are the ones that do it best. Featuring an expertly compiled array of 14 different botanicals, the Original Pink Gin rightfully became a favorite among connoisseurs. 

As far as the pink tint this gin has? That doesn't actually come from the botanicals in it. Rather, it comes from pomegranate juice which is added to it afterward. 

Unicorn Tears Gin by Firebox

If you're lucky enough to live in the UK, then you already probably have a deep love of Firebox's awesome goods. One of the first creations that we've seen from the Millennial-friendly retailer is Unicorn Tears Gin. 

This unicorn-themed gin is pink and glittery, and reportedly tastes amazing. No one knows the recipe, but it's so heavily coveted that it's safe to assume you'll love it.

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Best Pink Gins to Make Pretty Cocktails This Summer
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