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Best Podcasts for Beer Drinkers

Love to sip on cold brews and listen to awesome shows? We do, too. That's why we developed this list of podcasts for beer drinkers.

Photo by Yutacar

There's something awesome about listening to a great podcast while drinking beer. Whether it's hearing other people getting wasted and talking about life, or just the fact that the podcasters give tips about the best craft brews of the season, certain podcasts for beer drinkers enhance your drinking sessions immeasurably. 

Want to give listening to a beer podcast a try? Speaking as someone who loves drinking a Guinness while listening to a podcast, these are my picks for the best "drink-casts" out there.  

Craft Beer Radio Podcast

Love craft beer? Who doesn't!? The "Craft Beer Radio Podcast" is one of the best podcasts for beer drinkers who want to hear the inner scoop on the hottest craft beers on the market. They cover everything from the best Oktoberfest lagers to the best Belgian beers—and everything in between. 

Go ahead. Unleash your inner beer snob. These guys will help guide you to the best picks for your palate, and would never judge you for preferring the finer drinks in life. 

BeerSmith Home and Beer Brewing Podcast

Home brewing has become one of the most popular trends in the beer world, and it's easy to see why. It's literally making your own beer! And, as one would expect, a hobby as awesome as home brewing would obviously inspire a number of epic podcasts for beer drinkers. 

"BeerSmith," which is hosted by Brad Smith and Friends, offers a wealth of tips for people who want to make great beer at home. Everything from new gear to troubleshooting beer brewing is covered—and it's impressively entertaining, too!

Beer School

"Beer School" is one of the better podcasts for beer drinkers that want to explore the inner workings of beer in every way, shape, and form. This is a podcast that will tell you fascinating facts about why beer tastes the way it does, and about the unique histories of every single kind of beer you'd imagine. 

Once you start listening, you'll get hooked. 

Beer Business Radio

Some drinkers aren't just drinkers, you know. There are some people out there who want to own their own beer business and be one of the many proud people to operate their own microbrewery. 

"Beer Business Radio" is one of the few podcasts for beer drinkers who want to take their hobby to the next level. If you've been curious about what it takes to make money brewing beer, this is a must-listen podcast for you. 

Brew Bloods: Drink Beer, Think Beer

Want a side of comedy with your beer? "Brew Bloods" is one of the wittier podcasts for beer drinkers that centers around everyone's favorite hobby: beer. Each episode has the hosts learning about a new craft beer, drinking it, and rating it, too. 

Follow along with them, listen to their jokes, and learn about the craft beer world as it is right now. It's classic fun, with a seriously likeable crew that might just give you tips on finding the right gifts for fellow craft beer lovers, too. 

We Like Drinking

Okay, let's say that you love listening to beer podcasts, but don't want to deal with the snobiety that often comes with the craft beer scene. (I mean, we can't always talk about smoked beer trends, right?) 

If you're tired of hearing all the details about snooty craft beer critiques, your best go-to podcast, would probably be "We Like Drinking."

This podcast is all about drinking wine and beer—and dishing out hilarious comedy at every single turn. Be careful when drinking while listening to this. It's very possible to end up with suds going up your nose if you're not!

Beer With Geeks: A Geek Pop Culture Podcast

Admittedly, not everything about the beer scene involves craft beers, home brewing, or similar stuff. Part of the joy of drinking beer is bonding with other people, especially if it involves a bit of nostalgia. 

"Beer With Geeks" goes beyond being a good podcast in this sense, and turns into a great one. It's all about a group of friends who want to reminisce about their geek culture of the 90s over a couple of beers. 

Camaraderie, beer commentary, and awesome "remember when's" make this an amazing nostalgia trip and one of the best podcasts for beer drinkers out there. 

Girls, Beer, Sports

Girls. Beer. Sports. These things go together like peanut butter, bread, and jelly. This triad was the basis of a number of awesome programs, including classics like The Man Show. This theme works, and the announcers act just like the beer drinking buddies you always wish you had.

That's why "Girls, Beer, Sports" has to be one of the best podcasts for beer drinkers who love hearing about girls who love beer and sports. Girls talk about beer and sports in this—and that works wonderfully, no matter how you look at it. 

Beer, Bros & BS

If you're looking for a knee-slappingly funny comedy beer podcast that has tons of comments about beer, pop culture, and just classic bar banter, then check out "Beer, Bros & BS." 

This is one of those podcasts where you never know what to expect, and that makes it all the better. Commentaries are funny as can be, and once in a while, the bros will actually podcast live from a real bar. 

Good Beer Hunting

Looking to find out what's really going on in the beer scene? If you're looking to go above and beyond the typical drink talk, or just want to hear news about the best craft breweries in America, "Good Beer Hunting" has got your back. 

This podcast is renowned for being super in-depth with its research, which makes it one of the best podcasts for beer drinkers who are absolutely serious about their brews. Expect to learn more than you ever thought possible, in the best way possible. 

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Best Podcasts for Beer Drinkers
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