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Best St-Germain Cocktails You Can Make for Any Occasion

Want to whip up your own St-Germain cocktails? Check these recipes for the best St-Germain cocktails.

St-Germain is one of the finest liqueurs out there that’s flavored with elderflowers. If you aren’t familiar what elderflowers are, they’re small, white starry flowers that only bloom through the spring and summer seasons. And while the flower is used in many foods and drinks in Europe, the U.S. finds the flower to be the best in the form of St-Germain. That’s why this liqueur has a delectable taste of floral notes from the elderflower. And St-Germain can be made into numerous delicious and appealing cocktails and drinks that can be enjoyed anytime of the year.

Whether you own a private home bar or simply enjoy whipping up cocktails and drinks in the comfort of your kitchen, I highly recommend trying out some St-Germain cocktails. Not only is the liqueur used in many popular and expensive drinks in the world, but they taste amazing. So amazing that there isn't a specific season or occasion to enjoy these cocktails. To get started, here are the best St-Germain cocktails to create on your own.

St-Germain Cocktail

We wanted to start of the list with the classic St-Germain Cocktail. You can never go wrong with this cocktail, it's basically become a modern classic in cocktails. And it's one of the best ready to drink cocktails ever.

And the best part? All you need is a St-Germain, dry white wine or champagne (whichever you prefer), and club soda. Yes, that’s literally it. This refreshing and tasteful drink is so simple to create and simple to enjoy, as well.

Muddled Monarch

Among the best St-Germain cocktails, the Muddled Monarch is many people’s favorite St-Germain cocktail. If you’re into sweet cocktails, this drink is right up your alley. However, it’s not too sweet where it can pucker your lips. But it tastes amazing if you love citrusy cocktails.

As for the ingredients, what you’ll need is grapefruit, mint leaves, lemon juice, powdered sugar, gin, St-Germain, and tonic water. Mix all the ingredients together to create a flavorful grapefruit, St-Germain cocktail that’s ideal for spring and summer.

Elderflower Martini

Choose a classier St-Germain cocktail like this Elderflower Martini. Fancy, delectable, and super easy to create, this cocktail is both sweet and sour to your tastebuds. It's the perfect drink to whip up during dinner parties or even casual get-togethers with family or friends.

For this cocktail, you’ll need to create an easy homemade sweet and sour mix that only needs fresh lemon and lime juice and simple syrup. Then place the mixture with gin, vodka, and St-Germain, and you’ve got yourself a homemade Elderflower Martini.

Watermelon Elderflower

Yes, the Watermelon Elderflower! Personally my favorite and among the best St-Germain cocktails you can make, this drink consists of fruity flavors like watermelon, cucumber, and lime. It’s ideal for enjoying in the summer, or you can even enjoy in the colder days. Watermelon cocktails aren’t just meant for the warmer season.

Jam-packed with flavor, what you’ll need is cucumber slices, lime juice, St-Germain, ru, and watermelon juice. It’s that simple for a cocktail loaded with taste and goodness. And don’t forget the watermelon slice garnish! Garnishes make all cocktails look more fancy.

St-Germain Lavender Gin and Tonic

Aside from being one of the best St-Germain cocktails, the St-Germain Lavender Gin and Tonic is also one of the drinks to feature a couple more of ingredients. But in the end, this drink is certainly worth making, because the taste is truly amazing and you’ll probably even have the motivation to create a few more.

What you’ll need are large ice spheres (simple ice cubes are fine), gin, St-Germain, juniper berries, lemon or orange zest, good quality tonic, orange bitters, lavender bitters, and we can’t forget the lavender or thyme to garnish. I guarantee, once it’s all combined, it’ll be one of your favorite cocktails to make right at home. And don't be intimidated, it's easy to use bitters in your cocktails

Stormy Morning

Here’s a really unique and eye-catching St-Germain cocktail: the Stormy Morning. Even the name of the cocktail is flattering, but aside from that, the taste is truly exquisite. Its dramatic presence of violet colors lingers on the bottom of the drink and champagne fizzling on the top. The cocktail also gives off sweet floral scents.

To make a Stormy Morning, you’ll need Rathman Créme de Violet, St-Germain, fresh lime juice, champagne, and lime wedges to garnish. Impress your guests with this fantastic cocktail that you created at home. It’s also a great drink to create in the evenings for a date, too.

St-Germain with Pineapple Juice

If you haven’t noticed by now, but fruits pair so well with St-Germain. Among the top best St-Germain cocktails is St-Germain with Pineapple Juice. It sounds so simple, and it is! This delicious cocktail is bright in appearance, refreshing in taste, and easy to whip up. Both St-Germain and the pineapple juice compliment each other so well, it’s nearly impossible not to have a second glass.

Here’s what you need for an amazing cocktail: St-Germain, clear rum, pineapple juice, ginger ale, mint leaves (optional), and ice cubes to keep the drink chilled. If you adore pineapples, I don’t see why this can’t be your next favorite cocktail to enjoy. You can also drink this beverage any time of the year.

French Gimlet

Oh, the French Gimlet. This charming cocktail is a great drink when having your girlfriends over. While this drink is sweet, the lime juice perfectly balances that out so it’s not too overwhelmingly sweet. Creating it is so effortless, too—you’ll need just three ingredients.

Gather gin, St-Germain, and lime juice to make the French Gimlet. Thought it was a complicated cocktail, right? It couldn’t be any more simpler. And the taste works well with any occasion.

Bichon Frisé

Among the best St-Germain cocktails to create at home, the Bichon Frisé sounds like a complex, high-end drink. It really isn't, but it does look high-end and it tastes amazing, as well. This cocktail also includes grapefruit juice, and if you're into the previous grapefruit St-Germain cocktail, you'll love this one, too.

What you’ll need to whip up the Bichon Frisé is vodka, St-Germain, fresh ruby red grapefruit juice, ice, and a lemon wedge. Sit by the pool and enjoy this delectable beverage. Or sit by the fireplace while sipping on the Bichon Frisé. Anytime of the year is ideal for this cocktail.

Waterloo Sunset

Lastly from the best St-Germain cocktails to create on your own is the Waterloo Sunset. This stunning cocktail is certainly appealing to the eyes and on the tongue, too. Loaded with mouthwatering flavors, this can be your next favorite St-Germain beverage to enjoy wherever you want, whenever. It even has the appearance of a sunset in a glass.

In order to create this beautiful cocktail, you'll need Beefeater gin, St-Germain, raspberry liqueur, and champagne. Drink to the sunset with the Waterloo Sunset cocktail or celebrate any occasion when enjoying this beverage.

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Best St-Germain Cocktails You Can Make for Any Occasion
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