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Best Tequilas to Try in 2018

It's 2018, and that means you don't have time for bad booze. That's why you should give our list of the best tequilas a shot.

Ah, tequila. You wild, blue agave-based booze, you. You are the beginning to a multitude of bad decisions and an ending to many relationships. You are a wonderful beverage that is meant to be enjoyed with friends shortly before puking and passing out in a gutter. 

We love you, tequila. 

Drinking tequila is something that should be done carefully. As any tequila drinker knows, getting bad tequila will lead to a very bad time—even if you use it as a base for the best tequila cocktails you know. 

So, if you want to have a good time, sip moderately and choose one of the best tequilas of the year. We strongly suggest the options below! 

Siete Laguas Tequila Blanco

When it comes to tequila, no one does it better than Siete Laguas Tequila Blanco. The brilliant flavor of Siete Laguas was actually "stolen" by Patron, and uses the agave plant's fibers in both the fermentation and distillation processes. 

The flavor is one that most other tequila brands aim to copy, and it's easy to see why. It's got a strong herbal kick and a very complex aroma that would put most others to shame. This is generally considered to be the best tequila on the market. 

Cimarron Reposado Tequila

One of the basics of margaritas is knowing how to find the best tequilas for your cocktail. For this, you want to have a tequila that mixes well and adds a hint of vanilla to your cocktail. 

Cimarron kills it by aging their tequila in American Oak barrels. The end result is a delicious treat that easily works well in a shot or a cocktail. For bartenders, it's a must-have. 

Tequila Ocho Anejo Magueyera

Are you looking for one of the best tequilas in terms of flavor? You really can't get better than the Tequila Ocho line's Anejo Magueyera. This tequila is aged in whisky barrels for at least a year, which is just the perfect time to neutralize extra flavors and bring out the natural agave taste. 

It's upscale, and it's a kick in the teeth you'll adore. 

Patron Silver Tequila

If you look at almost any bar in the country, you already have seen Patron Silver. Every bar has it, primarily due to the demand people have for top shelf cocktails. 

Admittedly, this fruity-yet-strong tequila is mass-produced, but it's also one of the best tequilas for its price point. For people who are looking for a top-shelf aged spirit at a low-budget price, Patron Silver's not bad. 

El Tesoro Reposado Tequila

Reposado tequilas are only aged in barrels between two months and a year—but that's really all you need for that delicious oaky flavor. For people who love a sharper taste to their tequila, El Tesoro Reposado Tequila will be a blessing. 

This has a nice, smoky flavor that's both smooth and complex. It's amazing for people who love to sip on something that has tons of notes to discern. 

Pueblo Viejo Anejo

There's something incredibly decadent about the flavor of a tequila that's been aged for extra time in an oak barrel. If you haven't experienced the feeling of that extra woodiness hit your tastebuds, you're missing out. 

This surprisingly affordable tequila has been aged a whopping 18 months in American white oak. The end result is a nice body and an incredibly intoxicating bouquet. 

Don Julio 1942

Are you looking for a tequila that really, truly takes things to another level? You really can't get more elegant or upscale than Don Julio 1942, and that's why it's one of the best tequilas to give as a gift to your tequila-loving friend

This small-batch spirit is handmade to perfection, then aged for over two years. The end result is a tequila unlike any other—in bottle and flavor. 

Camarena Silver

If you love the taste of Patron Silver tequila, but want to see things push a little bit more towards the upscale, you will love Camarena Silver. This tequila is smooth as can be, with a crystal-clear color. 

Even if you're the type of person to be unable to handle tequila's punch, you will love Camarena Silver. It's just that good, and just that gentle on the palate. 

Clase Azul Reposado Tequila

The best tequilas start with the best ingredients, which is why Clase Azul Reposado is made with the best blue agave plants in Mexico. Truth be told, this is probably the most complex-flavored tequila you'll ever see.

Since each bottle is individually prepared and painted, no two bottles of Clase Azul will ever look or taste the same. It's a great collector's item and status symbol among any true tequila buff. 

Jose Cuevo Especial Silver Tequila

Tired of seeing all the "bougie" and indie names on this list? Then you might as well go with one of the best tequilas on mainstream store shelves. Jose Cuervo is ubiquitous, delicious, and also reasonably priced. 

To a point, you have to hand it to Jose Cuervo. It's proof that you don't need to be a tequila insider to get good tequila.