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Best Ways to Drink Whiskey Like a Pro

Whiskey should always be enjoyed, so these are the best ways to drink whiskey.

Whiskey is among the best spirits out there that deserves to be enjoyed that quickly consumed. Smooth, strong, and flavorful, there are numerous types of whiskeys out there from rye to corn, bourbon, scotch, single malt, and many more, there are whiskey lovers out there that prefer a specific type and there are also some who get a kick out of all of them. Some people also have their favorite go-to bottle from Johnny Walker to White Horse, Dewars, Black Bottle, and others.

However, you can't simply drink whiskey. Whiskey should be enjoyed, whiskey should be appreciated, and whiskey should be handled with care. I know, this sounds crazy, but the exquisite flavors in whiskey definitely need some recognition... and whiskey is a strong alcohol. Just two to three glasses of these will have you lose your balance. That's why this spirit must be consumed through sips. If you're looking to know the ways to drink whiskey, here are ten ways to gain the best out of your favorite whiskey.

Whiskey Neat

If you don't know what drinking whiskey neat is, it's basically drinking straight whiskey. No added water, no ice—just the whiskey. While this is one of the best ways to drink whiskey, whiskey neat should definitely be sipped. Since whiskey is very strong, straight up drinking can be pretty painful.

So, pour about two fingers full into a glass and enjoy it from there. And make sure you're sipping slowly. Drinking whiskey this way is all about flavor since it's not watered down. Try out any of the best sipping whiskeys neat.

On the Rocks

The majority of whiskey drinkers desire their whiskey on the rocks, because it's one of the best ways to drink whiskey. This indicates that they want two to three ice cubes in their glass of whiskey. Or sometimes people want one larger ice cube, yet their whiskey is still considered on the rocks.

With the help of ice, not only will it chill the whiskey, but it'll help water it down. Chilled whiskey is the best, because it can be handled easier in addition to it being watered down. And personally, I think this is the best way to enjoy whiskey.

Whiskey on the Rocks (Literally)

Just like the pervious way, this method is slightly different. Among the coolest ways to drink whiskey, you can enjoy whiskey on the rocks... with literal rocks. So, instead of ice, you can use chilled stones in your beverage. It's a really cool way to serve whiskey.

The only difference to this is that your whiskey won't be watered down, because you'll be using just chilled cubes of stone. If you like your whiskey chilled, but hate when it's watered down, I highly suggest this method. Not only does your glass look cooler, but you'll be getting full flavor of just whiskey. Simply store your stones in a freezer for a few hours, and they're ready to use in your glass.

Whiskey with Water

Whether you're using room temperature water or cold water, enjoying whiskey with a splash of water is among the great ways to drink whiskey. If you think whiskey watered down with ice isn't enough to help you handle the alcohol, then consider pouring a little bit of your preferred temperature water.

Adding straight water will make the diluted whiskey long lasting and still enjoy the flavors. Some people prefer half whiskey and half water, more whiskey than water, or the other way around. Either way, this is a good way to properly drink whiskey.

In a Flask

It's true, drinking whiskey out of a flask tastes much more different than out of a glass. Whether it's neat or with water, this is also one of the many ways to drink whiskey.

And this leather wrapped flask is not only a classy-looking flask, but it'll make drinking whiskey out of it a cooler experience. This set also comes with three little metal cups if you decide to share the whiskey to others.

Whiskey Infused

While you make yourself whiskey on the rocks, for a little more flavor, some people infuse it with cinnamon, nutmeg, brown sugar, or other spices. Yes, people do this and it's definitely one of the best ways to drink whiskey because it adds more flavor into the whiskey.

Even though the whiskey itself is chock-full of flavors, you can customize your whiskey's taste by adding anything to spice it up—depending on your preferred spice. This is also a great method to enjoy whiskey during the holidays.

Whiskey Cocktail

Whiskey cocktails are among the delectable and flavorful beverages out there on menus. Whether you order from the bar or whip up your own from your home bar, there are many ingredients to create the best-tasting whiskey cocktail.

From Manhattan to Mint Julep, Whiskey Sour, Rickey, and Old Fashioned, whiskey cocktails are a great choice and can be your next go-to the next time you're at a bar or lounge with friends. While the strong taste of whiskey blends perfectly with the other ingredients in the cocktail, the flavor will always still be there.

Whiskey Shots

Yes, some whiskey shots are basically whiskey neat. However, there are numerous ways to take whiskey shot. Whether they're watered down a little, infused with juice or spices, or even a whiskey cocktail shot, this is one of the easiest ways to drink whiskey.

They're great to take with a bunch of friends and still enjoy the flavor of whiskey. Yet, if you do consider a whiskey shot, try whiskey neat. Since it's a shot and taken so quickly, taking it neat will have the flavors linger in your mouth longer compared to a watered-down whiskey shot.

Whiskey with Food Pairings

Among the best ways to drink whiskey, you must enjoy whiskey with its proper food pairings. Nothing extracts the flavors in whiskey than eating something that compliments it. Food pairings such as dark chocolate, cheese, ribs, fruit, and many more can strengthen the taste in the glass of whiskey you're drinking.

Whether you're hosting a dinner party or simply having friends over who love whiskey, set out food that pairs with whiskey for your company to enjoy with their beverage. But I suggest getting a cheese and cracker platter—they taste great with any form of whiskey.

Irish Coffee

Lastly, and among the most interesting ways to drink whiskey is Irish coffee. Yes! Coffee infused with whiskey! This is actually a very popular way to enjoy both beverages, especially for whiskey lovers.

Simply make how you usually take your coffee, and for that strong punch of flavor, you add a bit of your favorite whiskey into it. Believe it or not, many people prefer taking their coffee this way because not only do they enjoy the exquisite flavors, but it wakes them up in the mornings. And you can drink Irish coffee anytime of the day, as well; it doesn't have to be in the morning.

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