Breweries, Vineyards, and Distilleries, oh my!

New York's Speakeasy Bar Scene

Scott Snowden
in Culture

The popular Crif Dogs diner is pretty easy to spot along St Mark’s Place; the words ‘Eat Me’ hang high above the sidewalk emblazoned across a giant frankfurter. There’s already quite a queue forming i...

Rock Climbing, Booze, and Existential Ennui

Joseph Ferguson
in Culture

After the Crux Originally appeared in Swift Kick No. 5/6 “Death and Transformation” 1987. Basement Man was the strangest fuck I ever met. I mean the guy looked like he just busted outa the pen, or wan...

Write For Proof Today

Proof Staff
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Proof has now joined the Vocal platform, allowing alcohol lovers around the globe to share intoxicating ideas, suggestions, stories, and ever-shifting tastes to a spirited community.

Say Hello To Verdejo

Yolanda Shoshana
in Culture

Wine cocktails can actually be a very sexy thing, once we take wine coolers out of the equation. When it comes to white wine in cocktails, most of the time the wine used is whatever is available. Next...

Do Bloody Marys Really Cure Hangovers?

Iwan Palinski
in Culture

"I pray thee let me and my fellow have A hair of the dog that bit us last night— And bitten were we both to the brain aright. We saw each other drunk in the good ale glass." —John Heywood, 1546 There ...

All About Liqueurs

Iwan Palinski
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Liqueurs, those sweet after-dinner drinks, are available in a remarkable range of flavors, including apricot, mint, peach, cherry, coffee, and orange. Proprietary brands, whose exact formulations are ...

Is Your Bartender Actually Into You?

Lynne Shumaker
in Culture

Pull up your barstool if you’ve ever been stumped by that age-old question: is the girl or guy tending the bar actually flirting with me, or simply trying to lock in a good tip? Maybe she is just bein...

Things You Should Never Do In A Bar

Danielle Banner
in Culture

Nights tearing up the town when you are young, single (that means anything but married) and not truly adulting is a glorious, fleeting phase. The rules of behavior and common decency at a bar were mer...

Tequila: The Whole Story

Natasha Sydor
in Culture

"No names, no business cards, no resumes." Harrison Ford says to Melanie Griffith in Working Girl. "I promised myself that when we met we'd drink tequila. No Chardonnay, no frog water, real drinks." T...

29 Rules of Drinking

Robby Tal
in Culture

Most would agree that getting drunk is easy–but getting the right kind of drunk? Not so much. Nights spent drinking with friends are supposed to be some of the greatest times... but if you overdo it y...