Liquor? I barely even know her.

What Your Favorite Drink Says About You

Ossiana Tepfenhart
in Humor

Whether you want to acknowledge it or not, most bartenders tend to get a good grasp of people based on what they order at a bar. Though there's always exceptions to the rule, there's a little bit of t...

Look, We Might Need a Cocktail Every Day this Month

Carolyn Swindell
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It’s a big year, 2017. And no month of 2017 is bigger than May. See, back in May 1917 – that’s 100 years ago for those of us with Arts degrees – one Clara D.D. Walsh of St Louis, Missouri (formerly Mi...

Archer's Guide to Cocktails

Catherine Charlwood
in Humor

Please note that the following are cocktail recipes. You won't find anything about wine in this article, as Sterling stated to me over what I believe was his fifth scotch, he does not have a vagina. H...

Weird Drinking Laws in America

Miranda O'Conner
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Alcohol has had an odd history in the court of law. During Prohibition, alcohol became illegal, which, it turned out, did little to stop people from drinking. Shocking. As the drinking age creeps high...

Craft Beer Trends That Need to End

Iwan Palinski
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Craft brewing has been a booming business for the last few decades or so. Of course, with the rise of these small breweries comes the rise of silly gimmicks. Most of these trends stem from marketing m...

Drinking as Literature

Joseph Ferguson
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Just joined and will likely be posting mostly book reviews and excerpts from my books. So here is a short story from my newest book. My bio and media links follow. My Favorite Christmas Tree Originall...