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Coolest Wine Glasses Ever Made

These coolest wine glasses are any wine lover's dream. Now you have even more of an excuse to pour a glass.

The top ten coolest wine glasses are extravagant, practical, unique, or all three. What better excuse to pour a glass of wine than in some of the coolest ones? 

For the extreme wine enthusiasts, or someone who can enjoy a new approach at the typical wine glass, these glasses will be conversation starters, as well as a great new way to enjoy some time with friends, while also impressing them a little. Don't forget the cheese and crackers

The Waste No Time Wine Glass by Hammacher Schlemmer

The Waste No Time Wine Glass - Hammacher Schlemmer
Wine glass that imbues an oenophile with a veneer of respectability when overcome by a bout of intemperence. The glass is made into a classic cabernet bowl shape that replaces the stem with an open stopper to allow the free flow of wine.

To start off our list of the coolest wine glasses, we couldn't begin any other way than with this "Waste No Time" wine glass. Made by Hammacher Schlemmer, the glass provides the perfect opportunity to not only enjoy a glass, but the whole bottle. 

It's a hilarious invention, but one that will be used more than you think. Made of 100% borosilicate glass, the wine glass is a classic cabernet bowl shape that will replace the stem with an open stopper. This allows for simply tipping the bottle of wine, and instantly filling the bowl for easy consumption. 

Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses by Uncommon Goods

If you're looking for a more classy approach to some of the coolest wine glasses, this product will be more up your alley. Found on Uncommon Goods, this wine glass set is musical. 

The glasses aren't your typical wine glass, as they have markings on each of the sides of the glasses, symbolizing a note that will be heard if filled to that point. A great way to liven up a party, or to just have some fun with your fellow music lovers, these glasses will be a hit with just about anyone, even the musically challenged. 

Crystalline White Wine Glasses by Swarovski

If you're looking to take your fancy glasses up an extra notch, Swarovski has got your covered. For a mere $400, these glasses will make your dining experience perfect. Filled with clear crystals, you will see their sparkle from a mile away. 

Plus, the base of the glass is made of a large faceted clear crystal, unlike any wine glass you've seen before. The set includes two of these luxurious glasses, and will complete any dinner set that needs a bit more sparkle, for a pretty penny. 

Rotating Aerating Wine Glass Set by Uncommon Goods

It doesn't get much cooler than a rotating aerating wine glass set. Found on Uncommon Goods, this glass set is not only cool, but will allow you to help your drink breathe with every spin. 

With an intricate design, the glass include a stainless steel ball in the base that allows your wine to swirl, placed in the center of gravity. Plus, on top of it being one of the coolest wine glasses, it adds a bit of extra fun to your drinking experience. 

Stemless Wino Sippers by Oenophilia

Have you ever sipped wine through a straw? Well, this is your chance to do so, in a unique way that will change the way you drink your favorite beverage. 

Created by Oenophilia, these stemless wine-o sippers are the perfect gift for a wine lover, and features a built-in glass straw. The glass fits perfectly in your hand, and provides a compact design, for easy handling. Plus, the straw will prevent staining your teeth with dark wine. 

Acrylic Glass in Ocean Blue by The Beach Glass

Tired of drinking wine in a red solo cup during your beach of picnic trips? As one of the coolest wine glasses on the market, this acrylic glass is the answer. 

It is designed with a ball and a pointed stem, this way you can insert the glass straight into the sand or the grass, for easy sipping. The glass will allow you to enjoy wine on the beach without using tacky looking plastic cups, and without the issue of spilling. 

Shatterproof Wine Glasses by GoVino

A shatterproof wine glass might seem unrealistic, but this new invention is something well worth giving a shot. Made by GoVino, the glass is made of shatterproof, recyclable, and reusable material. 

The wine glass that is made for traveling, for only $10, how could you beat this product? The winner of the Silver 2010 Industrial Design Award, as well as the Silver 2010 International Design Excellence Award, the glass is one worth packing in your picnic or beach bag.

The King's Royal Goblet by Design Toscano

Have you always wanted to wine and dine like royalty? Next on our list of the coolest wine glasses is The King's Royal Goblet by Design Toscano. If this doesn't scream royalty, we don't know what does. 

A set of two, the glasses are based on a British artist, Liam Manchester, who drew from Gothic style art. A true goblet, the wine glass is something out of a history book, and will complete any dinner party.

Blues Face Drinking Glass by Massimo Lunardon

Definitely a hilarious looking glass, these Blue Face Drinking Glasses are created by Massimo Lundardon, and are exclusive to Neiman Marcus. Handcrafted, we can guarantee you that none of your friends will have similar wine glasses. 

Definitely a conversation starter, each of the glasses in the collection portray a different face, and a different personality. Which speaks to your the most? Or even better, complete your dining set with the full collection. 

Stemless Fountain Aerating Wine Glass Set by Dillon Burroughs

Last, on our list of the coolest wine glasses is this stemless foundation aerating wine glass. Coming in a set by Dillon Burroughs on Uncommon Goods, the glasses will decant your wine with a design that works to aerate your drink to perfection. 

Plus, it looks pretty cool, cascading into the glass. The glass will allow your wine to reach the flavors and aromas to its full potential, eliminating the need for other decanters. Plus, you can also chill your whiskey in this glass without watering it down with ice. 

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