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Drinking Games You'll Love To Play

Who doesn't love to get drunk? Well, there is no better course of action to get away from your sobriety than playing drinking games.

While drinking alcohol, there are many routes one can take to getting to that perfect level of drunk. Some prefer drinking at a bar and sipping on their beer or cocktail, while others enjoy the fast paced exciting world of drinking games. Whether you are a college student or working class adult, you are never too old to enjoy the thrill of a drinking game. It is the perfect way to get drunk quickly, and when I say drunk I really do mean DRUNK. People pride themselves on their skill when it comes to these games, as well as their drinking abilities, and try to play as many different games as they can before completely blacking out. Others start off drinking games by saying something like "alright I will only play a round or two" of whatever respective game is being played, but that is not normally the case. Drinking games are far too fun to just play one or two rounds of just one game, and before you know it you realize that the room is spinning around and you have already played four rounds of five different games.

Not every drinking game is for everyone, but you shouldn't worry too much because you will most definitely find one that you will prosper in. Some games are designed to get your opponents drunk, and then there are those where you get yourself drunk, but no matter who is drinking, it is all about the fun of the game and wanting to win. Just be careful and know your limit, no one wants to be "that guy".  No matter if you win or lose, these games will get you hooked and you'll never want to step away from the table you are playing at. Let's take a look at some of the best drinking games you'll love to play.

Beer Pong

One of the most classic and go to drinking games out there, beer pong is a great way to start off any party and get your opponents nice and drunk. All you need for this game is a long table (preferably eight feet long), party cups of the same size, two ping pong balls, and beer. The set up of beer pong is two triangles formed on opposite sides of the table. Most commonly the triangle is made of up six or ten cups about halfway filled with beer, depending on how long you would like the game to last or how drunk you would prefer to get. The rules are very simple for this drinking game, there are teams of two on both sides of the table. 

You start off the game by going through the eye for eye challenge, having one member of each team shooting a ping pong ball at the opposing team's cups while staring into their eyes. This determines which team will start off with the balls for the game. If you make a cup, that cup gets taken away and drank by the opposing team. If the cup sunk does not get taken away and your partner makes that same cup, the game is then over, so make sure you remove that cup from your their rack of cups as quickly as you can. As more cups are sunk throughout the game, you can call a re-rack, which is the reformation of your cups into another shape. Once it comes down to the final cup and one team makes it, the other team has a chance for rebuttal to send the game into overtime. Depending on who you are playing with or whose house you are in, overtime rules differ. One thing to remember while playing this drinking game in a new setting is that house rules ALWAYS apply.

Slap Cup/Rage Cage

If beer pong begins moving along a tad too slow for your party's atmosphere, and more people would like to get involved in drinking games, I highly recommend slap cup, also known as rage cage. You get a table (you will notice tables are key to most drinking games), an abundance of cups in the center of the table, and two ping pong balls. The cups in the center will have a chug or two worth of either beer or liquor, depending on the level of drunk you and your friends would like to achieve, but the center cup will be filled to the top (or filled with multiple types of alcohol) and designated as the "death cup". The death cup is the final cup to drink in the game, so do not grab this one on accident or your stomach and liver will be upset with you and your drunk decision. 

To start of this game, two people on opposite sides of the table will take their cups, chug them, and proceed to bounce their ping pong ball into their own cup. If you sink the ball on your first bounce you are allowed to pass the cup wherever you would like, but if you make the ball on any other shot after that, you must pass the cup to the right of you. If you and the person to your right have the ping pong balls and are attempting to make them in, you can make the ball before this person and slap their cup away before they make theirs. Forcing them to take a cup from the middle and chug that. When bouncing the ball too far into one of the cups in the middle, you must take that and chug! After finishing drinking any cup, you have to restart your bouncing in hope that the other bounce cup does not make its way to your left, putting you in danger of being slapped again. When your new cups continue to get slapped as you keep chugging them, you have now entered something that my friends and I like to call "the blender", somewhere that you do not want to be. The game ends when someone is forced to drink the death cup, but for most, it does not end there due to someone screaming "NEXT ROUND!"

An alternate to this game is "stack cup". The same rules apply to stack cup as in slap cup, but instead of slapping the person to your right's cup away, you simply stack your cup on top of theirs. This adds difficulty to the drinking game by adding height to the target you are attempting to bounce the ping pong ball into. Although this game is more difficult, you'll love to play it with your friends.

Baseball (Basepong)

Although the video above is more dramatic than the actual game, this is a great explanation of the rules of Baseball, also referred to as Basepong and Beer Baseball. This drinking game is a great way to get a group of people involved in a game and to bring out everyone's competitive side.

Baseball: The Set up and Rules

The set up of the cups on the table, shown above, makes the game a bit more self-explanatory, but here is the correct way to play the Baseball drinking game. You are allowed two or more players per team, but I find that having at least three players is key to having a solid defensive strategy. The rules of real baseball apply to the game, there are three strikes, three outs, singles, doubles, triples, home runs, stealing, scoring, and nine innings. The goal is to get as many runs as you can to win, just like in actual baseball. You do so by shooting the ball into the line of four cups, this is how you get hits. This part is simple, if you make it in the single cup then you go to first base and only that cup needs to be drunk by your opponents. If the home run cup is made, you automatically get one run plus however many people were on base for your team. When this cup is hit all of the cups before it must be drank. While sinking the double or triple cup, you will go to the respective base, and only the cups coming before this cup will be drunk.

 If you miss the cups you will receive one strike to your turn, three strikes and you are out! If your shot hits off of the side of one of the cups and the opposing team catches the ball before it hits the ground or table, this is known as a foul tip or a fly ball and you are out. Each team is only allowed two people who are able to catch the ball, they are the team's outfielders. Next up we have stealing, which is only allowed when you are on base. At any time during your team's turn, the person on base is allowed to pick up the cup on the side of the table of the base that you are on. When doing so, you have to chug that cup and flip the cup onto its top to steal the base, and this is where three-person defense comes in handy. While you have your outfielders trying to catch the batters fly balls, another member of your team can play defense against anyone on base by chugging and flipping their cup before the runner attempting to steal, and if doing so successfully then the runner is out. This game is a great way to get drunk fast if you are on the losing team. The innings can last for a long time if the batting team continues to hit cups and score runs. If you have a natural competitive instinct, even if you are not a fan of the sport, you will absolutely love to play this drinking game.

Beer Die

Photo from The Tab

As one of the more difficult drinking games, Beer Die is all about accuracy. All it takes it two teams of two, a table of at least eight feet, four equally sized cups on each corner on the table, and two dice. The point of the game is to reach twenty one using multiple tactics to score for your team. The first rule of the game is to stay arms distance away from the table and to toss up your die underhand to a predetermined height. The common ruling for how high the die has to be thrown is for it to be above the tallest person playing the game. When tossing the die in the air, you should aim one of the two cups on the opposite corners of the table because when sinking the die in the cup, this will score you three points, the largest amount of points one player can get in a turn. When you make this cup, the person whose cup it is must chug their full cup. After chugging their cup, they will guess a number and roll the die out of this cup, and if the die lands on the number guessed then the three points are not awarded to the team who sunk the cup. 

All cups must be full and on the table for each turn. If you miss this table when tossing, no points are rewarded, but if you hit the table and the dice falls and hits the floor, then you and your partner are awarded one point. The team that is not shooting can catch the die before it hits the floor with only one hand so the shooting team does not receive that point, but you can only use one hand. You cannot use two hands or your body to aid your catch or else the point will still be rewarded to the other team. If the die hits the table, it must be further than half of the table or the other team will be given a point, some players even put a line in the center of their table. When the die lands and stays on the table, all players must drink. It is not easy when it comes to earning points, but due to the full cups, it will get you drunk quite quickly and you'll have fun playing this drinking game.

Beer Ball

One of the best ways to get drunk fast is the game of Beer Ball. In this drinking game that you'll love to play, the winner is the one who finishes their beer first. All you need to play this game is a table, four full beer cans, and one or two ping pong balls. With two teams of two, you begin with you beers unopened and upside down. After deciding which team will go first, one player will throw their ball at the other team's beer cans. If you miss you can nothing happens, but if you hit their can, you turn your beer over, open it, and start chugging away! You are to stop chugging one the other team grabs the ball from wherever it went after bouncing off of the can and touches the top of their beer can. This continues to go on until one team is completely out of beer. If one player runs out, they are allowed to help retrieve the ball after it hits their partners can, but they cannot throw the ball. This is the perfect game for pre-gaming if you want to get yourself drunk fast.

Drink Responsibly!

All though drinking games are fun, they can force you to become drunker than you realize due to their fast pace of drinking. It is all fun and games (literally) until someone is sprinting to the toilet or outside to start puking off of your deck, and hopefully, they make it there in time. So drink responsibly, but have fun doing it with these drinking games you'll love to play!

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Drinking Games You'll Love To Play
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