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Drinks Adored By Royalty

Drink like a king or queen and indulge in drinks adored by royalty.

Many people have claimed to put together a meal that was "fit for a king" in their days - but how many people have actually tried to accompany those meals with drinks that were royalty-approved? The fact is that, throughout most of history, royals loved to drink. 

Drinking was expected, to a point, of everyone. That being said, only a handful could really say that they could drink like royalty. Here are some of the most common drinks adored by royalty.


Wine has been a staple in the human diet for thousands of years, and it was popular among both princes and paupers alike. That being said, wine still has that old fashioned flair that makes people assume it to be a drink of class. 

Many famous royals became notorious for their love of wine, including Napoleon Bonaparte, Ceasar, Nero, and Henry VIII. If you love a good glass of wine, chances are that you really are drinking like a king or queen. 

Currently, the most common form of wine seen being enjoyed by royals is sparkling wine or Champagne. Right now, Moet is one of the top brands enjoyed by royal families in the world. So, if you enjoy Moet, you have royal taste. 

Gin And Tonic

You'd never expect it, but there are quite a few royals out in the world who love nothing more than a simple Gin and Tonic cocktail. This is a particularly favorite drink among the British royal family - most notably Prince Edward and the Duchess of Cornwall. 

Sources note that if you really want to go full British on this drink choice you choose Tanqueray Number 10 as your gin choice, and garnish this highball cocktail with a small slice of lemon. Yum!

Gin And Dubonnet

Gin is definitely a British treat, and even the current reigning queen seems to have a favorite cocktail involving it. Her unique twist on gin is the Gin and Dubonnet - a one-to-one mix of both gin and this old school cocktail. 

Dubonnet, as some cocktail aficionados may know, is a sweet wine-based aperitif invented in 1846 as a way to make quinine more palatable. This herbal blend is best found at specialty shops, and is an important ingredient in a couple of drinks adored by royalty.

Gekkeikan Sake

Among Japanese royalty, the highest quality sake was always on the menu - and that meant that the sake in question was always "junmai" sake. As of right now, the reigning Japanese royal family have become incredibly discerning in their rice wine purchases. 

One of the only sake makers that regularly does business with the Japanese royal family is the Gekkeikan house. Their prize recipe, Horin Junmai Daiginjo, is the choice drink of the Imperial Household of Japan. That being said, it's actually rather affordable.

The 50:50 Martini

This is often nicknamed the "perfect martini" by drink critics thanks to its delicate balance of liquors, and unsurprisingly, it has a lot of royal fans as well. One of the the biggest fans of the 50:50 is Charles Phillip George - more commonly referred to as the Prince of Wales. 


Another classic drink adored by royals is whiskey, and to a point, it's not that surprising. Whiskey's strong taste and delicate profiles are something that take a more refined palate to truly enjoy at times. Currently, the Prince of Wales is one of the biggest fans of this liquor. 

The Prince of Wales actually loves whiskey so much that he produces his own under the label of Barrogill. Even so, we doubt that he would turn his nose up at a more modest offering of Johnnie Walker.  

Boddingtons Beer

When most people think of drinks enjoyed by royalty, they don't think of beer. However, there is one exception to this rule, and it's produced by a brewery you probably have never heard of: Boddington's. 

Boddington's beer is known for being very bitter, and as such, it hasn't really gotten as strong a following as most other mainstream beers. Despite that, it's enjoyed by both the British and Netherlands royal families on a fairly regular basis. 

The lack of mainstream appeal is what ended up shuttering its doors as an indie brewer, though. It was an independent beer brewery for years until it was bought by Anheuser-Busch.


This took us by surprise, but Pimm's bottled cocktails are apparently a favorite among the current British royal family. Since 2011, the several hundred year-old company has been a royal warrant holder. This indicates that it's a regular supplier to the British royal family. 

That being said, it's had a royal warrant after doing around five years of steady business...and no one really knows who is the one who enjoys a pitcher of Pimm's in the castle. 

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