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Easy-to-Make Champagne Cocktails

Champagne isn’t just for New Year’s Eve anymore; you don’t need an occasion to serve this bubbly drink, and there are plenty of fun cocktails that incorporate champagne.

Champagne is a sparkling wine from the Champagne region of France, and it’s a drink synonymous with celebrations. Weddings and New Year’s Eve are events where champagne is a must-have. People drink it when babies are born, when proposals end happily, when boats... become boats, I guess? 

But why stick to champagne alone? There are a variety of champagne cocktails that are easy to make and can bring your celebrations to a new level. These are some of the best champagne cocktails you should add to your roster. 

Champagne Mule

This is a twist on a traditional Moscow Mule, which is a very popular cocktail and not, as I first thought, a rejected early concept for Mickey Mouse. The Champagne Mule combines vodka, ginger liqueur, and fresh lime juice, all topped off with sparkling wine. A dryer champagne will prevent this cocktail from being too sweet—and feel free to serve it in a copper mug for mule authenticity.

Get the recipe here.

Pineapple Coconut Champagne Cocktail

I firmly believe that everything should have more coconut in it, and that includes champagne. This cocktail comes with a fruity twist, so you’ll feel like you’re sitting on a tropical beach, but in a particularly classy way. Combine Prosecco, pineapple and coconut juice, then rim the glasses with shredded coconut and enjoy this Pina Colada-inspired cocktail.

Get the recipe here.

Orange-Cherry Champagne Cocktail

For another fruity option, try the Orange-Cherry Champagne Cocktail. Blended cherries and orange juice provide a perfect balance of tart and sweet, and scotch and vermouth are topped with just enough champagne to give this cocktail a fizzy kick.

Get the recipe here.

Tickled Pink

This cocktail is incredibly simple but provides a wonderful flavor. Simply combine Prosecco and pomegranate juice and garnish with a lime. The fruit and bubbles make this a great summer cocktail for those warm, lazy days. Plus, if you don’t tell anyone the recipe, all your friends will assume you made them a complex champagne drink instead of just combining two ingredients. Win-win.  

Get the recipe here.

Apricot Fizz

This cocktail is perfectly sweet and pairs nicely with brunch. Combine vodka, apricot nectar and a champagne float. This cocktail is not only lovely to sip on; the apricot nectar makes it pretty to look at as well. And looks matter most; you and I both know that. 

Get the recipe here.

Sparkling Julep

There are few cocktails more refreshing than a traditional Mint Julep. This cocktail puts a twist on the julep without sacrificing any Southern charm. Simply pair sparkling wine with a sugar cube and garnish with a sprig of fresh mint. This drink is perfect for an outdoor party, perhaps under a sprawling willow tree. Don’t go overboard with your fake Southern accent, though. Nobody likes it quite as much as you do. 

Get the recipe here.

Creamsicle Mimosa

Orange Creamsicles are a childhood staple, but why shouldn’t you continue to enjoy them throughout your legal drinking years? This champagne cocktail is an adult twist on that sweet treat, complete with a sugar rim and orange garnish. Combine orange juice, heavy cream and champagne for a trip down memory lane. This cocktail is rich enough to be considered a dessert (but don’t feel obligated to skip actual desert).

Get the recipe here.


Mimosas are typically light and fruity, but this winter twist on the classic champagne cocktail is heartier and sure to warm you up. Cranberries, apples, grapes, pomegranate seeds and champagne are all combined to make a memorable Christmas punch. This is also a great cocktail for autumn, even if it the words “pumpkin spice” are not found anywhere in the description. 

Get the recipe here.

Champagne Margarita

When you think about it, we’re all just looking for a socially acceptable way to drink more margaritas, am I right? The Champagne Margarita is the loophole you’ve always wanted. Combine silver tequila, orange liqueur, fresh lime juice and champagne, then throw a salt rim on that bad boy. Remember, if you’re drinking out of a champagne flute, it doesn’t matter that it’s tequila-based or that it’s before noon.

Get the recipe here.

Champagne Jello Shots

It’s like college, but now you can afford better alcohol! This recipe even calls for rainbow sprinkles, so the final product is going to look way nicer than the Rubinoff-based shooters you made with reckless abandon in your tiny dorm kitchen. Combine champagne and lemon juice, dissolve some gelatin, add vodka, then get out there and start making some classy mistakes. 

Get the recipe here.

Mimosa Float

This champagne cocktail is for all those times you’ve thought to yourself, “I’m enjoying this alcohol, but I just can’t shake this hankering for a bunch of dairy.” The more we combine booze and milk, the farther we stray from God’s light, but it tastes really good, so I get it. To make the Mimosa Float, simply scoop some rainbow sherbet into flutes and top with champagne. This recipe suggests rimming the glasses with melted white chocolate and rainbow sprinkles, making this a great cocktail to serve for dessert at your next party (or to treat yourself with every night for the rest of your life). 

Get the recipe here.

Whether you’re toasting an important anniversary, ringing in a new year, or just throwing a party with some friends, these easy-to-make champagne cocktails will help you put a new twist on a classic beverage. 

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Easy-to-Make Champagne Cocktails
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