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Essential Things You Need If You're a Beer Connoisseur

These items make great gifts for the beer connoisseur in your life—as well as epic must-haves for your perfect home bar setup.

Only 20 years ago, being a beer snob was relatively rare—but thanks to the recent boom in microbreweries, that all has changed. Being a beer connoisseur has become incredibly common, with many craft breweries offering tasting sessions to newbies and experienced brew fans alike. 

Though you can always go to a microbrewery or grab a six pack of craft beer at Whole Foods, you can always improve the overall experience you have with every bottle of beer by getting the right gear. 

Want to bolster your beer-loving time with a little taste of luxury, or just get the essentials for a nice time sipping suds with your friends? This list is for you!

Microbrew Beer Gift Basket by Gourmet Gift Baskets

If you're looking for a great gift for beer connoisseurs that lets them explore the many different flavor profiles of good beer, look no further than this epic Microbrew Gift Basket. 

Along with getting three different microbrews, this basket also offers a bunch of delicious bar snacks that are chosen to perfectly complement each drink. 

BeerSavers by Save Brands

Even if you absolutely love beer, there's always that time when you don't want to drink an entire bottle of the stuff. Maybe you only want half. Perhaps it's just too big a bottle, or you don't want to be too blitzed. It used to be that'd mean you'd either choose between drinking it all or wasting good beer. 

BeerSavers are colorful silicone caps that are designed to save beer flavor—and beer carbonation. Grab these, and you can choose to unleash your inner beer connoisseur without ever having to worry about needing to make do with a mediocre drinking experience again.

Beer Tasting Flight by Bob Yates

If you're going to be a real beer connoisseur, you're going to need to have a nice beer tasting setup. This handmade beer tasting flight allows you to try out four beers, elegantly displayed on a wooden tray. 

Along with a nice flight holder, four elegant tasting glasses are included. With this beer flight, you don't have to hit up the local microbrewery in order to sip in style. 

Stainless Steel Beer Chiller Stick by Kollea

Having a hard time keeping your beer cold on hot summer days? Much like with vodka or whiskey, beer can't really be cooled by placing ice cubes in a cup—unless you want watered-down flavor. 

Nothing takes away from a beer drinking experience than having to choke down room-temperature beer. That's why Kollea created a freezable stainless steel stick that can be placed inside a beer to keep your brewski cold. 

Just put one of these freezable sticks in your freezer, then drop one in your bottle when you want to keep things cool. Sounds pretty chill, don't you agree?

Home Brew Journal by Beer Book

If you're a serious beer connoisseur, you probably want to take notes on the different beers you taste, as well as the beers you make yourself. With home brewing becoming one of the newest beer-related pastimes out there, it's easy to see where this journal could come in fairly handy. 

The leather cover, sturdy pages, and specially-guided format allows you to make all the notes you need to come up with an amazingly delicious brew... or just recall its flavor. Beer reviews just got a little more tasteful. 

Beer Towel by Stuart Gardiner

The only thing a beer connoisseur loves more than drinking beer is learning about beer—and that's where this beautiful artisanal towel by Stuart Gardiner comes into play! 

This beautiful bar towel isn't just great for cleaning up spills or chilling beer bottles; it's got plenty of cool infographics about everyone's favorite drink. Learn new trivia, add a touch of flair to your home, and show off your love of brew in style. 

Insulated Growler Kit by Uncommon Goods

Growlers are the best thing to happen to the beer scene in, well, forever. These are large cases that can be brought to stores, filled up with the booze of choice, and used to store said booze without the worry of losing carbonation. 

If you want to store your favorite craft brew at its optimal temperature, this large insulated growler will be your new favorite way to store your favorite on-tap brews. 

Of course, it's also considered to be one of the most essential beer gadgets for the beer connoisseur who loves hitting up new craft beer breweries and taking some samples back home with them. 

7 Deadly Sins Pilsner Glass Set by Mort Gerberg

They say that drinking is a sin, but we're not too sure about that. However, if you have this set of devilishly good looking pilsner glasses, it'll definitely add a little bit of wicked cool aura to your home bar. 

There are many different kinds of beer glasses out there, but pilsner glasses are a favorite because they tend to make the natural aromas rise to the top of the glass. So, if you love a tasty brew, then you're going to adore this sinfully sweet septuplet glass set. 

Beer Chiling Coaster Set by Arra David and Anne Johnson

Cold beer is a must, and unless you hate your home bar's tabletop, so are coasters. That's why so many people have tons of cheap coasters made out of that slightly-soggy cardboard—much like the coasters you find at Applebee's. 

But why opt for classic cheap cardboard coasters when you could upgrade for more functionality? These stone coasters are made of cool granite and can be stored in a beer fridge to keep your brewski colder for longer. Most importantly, they last forever because they're made of stone. 

Bottle Opener Slot Game by Jeremy Exley

In Japan, pachinko has become one of the biggest gambling games out there—and this bottle opener basically turns your beer opening time into an opportunity to have a little pachinko-style fun. 

The wall mounted beer opener is perfect for just about every kind of beer bottle out there, and the game itself is simple. Once it's opened, the bottle cap falls down, and you end up having to follow through with the command that's written in the slot it falls into. 

Even if you're not a beer connoisseur, this bottle opener will have you grinning. Just give it a try, and you'll see why. 

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Essential Things You Need If You're a Beer Connoisseur
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