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Here's the Skinny on Hangover Foods

The greasier, the better—of course.

On an innocent night out, you’re having fun, partying with friends, having a drink here and there. You’ve worked hard all week and you deserve this. What could possibly go wrong? The next morning, your alarm clock chimes in to remind you of the very possible thing that could go wrong. “Oh yeah, I could get a terrible hangover...,” you think as you realize your head may or may not explode.

Everyone has had a morning like this, the terrible realization that that last drink was a, “What’s one more?” One too many. What’s the best way to cure this immobilizing feeling? A majority of people turn to food to subside their next-day symptoms.

While greasy food seems to be the publicly proclaimed cure-all for hangover relief, a recent survey found that a majority of people listed breakfast foods first as their top meal choice while hungover. This isn’t too surprising though, as breakfast is the first meal of the day (not to mention, breakfast foods are delicious). If you’re feeling a bit under the weather try loading up on pancakes, bacon, eggs, hash browns, etc. They’ll have you ready to take on the day in no time. You can get creative with it too.

Of course, if breakfast isn’t your meal of choice, there are plenty of other carb filled options to get you through the day. That leftover pizza from your drunken call to Papa John’s at 3 AM? Pop it in the toaster oven (or eat it cold) and you have a whole new meal. Or, if you can make it out the door, you can head to your favorite fast-food joint and have endless carb-filled, greasy options.

On the other hand, a lot of health experts suggest ditching the greasy foods for healthier options and if you’re the kind of person who feels worse after eating greasy foods, these healthier food alternatives may be your saving grace. Bananas, eggs, watermelon, blueberries, avocado, oatmeal, and oranges, among others, have proven to aid in hangover relief.

Water, water, water! If your body isn’t screaming it, we are! Be sure to hydrate from the second you wake up. Alcohol dehydrates you and that’s a big reason you don’t feel too hot after drinking a lot of it. Coffee and coconut water are other drinks that are suggested when you are feeling the effects of a night out.

Overall, hangovers are the worst. Preventative measures (i.e. drinking in moderation) are the obviously the best way to avoid them, but for the rare crazy night, it’s nice to be prepared with some hangover-foodie knowledge so you can be back to yourself in record time.

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Here's the Skinny on Hangover Foods
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