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How to Enjoy That Perfect Twelve Pack with Friends

Living on the Streets

Being that I was homeless for about twenty-three years, I had to make friends and people to hang out with. It wasn’t easy to find people that would steal from you or that wanted to fight, but there was a good crowd that I ended up hanging out with.

Besides being homeless, one thing that we had in common was our ability to drink alcohol. I have been a drinker since in my early twenties and beer was mainly my thing, but every so often I would go buy a fifth of something like brandy, or rum. Those were two of my favorite alcohols to drink.

The perfect way to drink was in a group of friends hanging out and playing card games. We often got into games like Gin Rummy, but mainly the game to play was Spades. I didn’t mind sharing my beer with anyone, but when it came to playing card games it was more of a bring your own beer sort of thing.

Everyone would sit around whatever we could make a table out of and put our own individual beers between our legs and drink while playing cards. The police knew we were drinking, but they knew we were only playing cards and not bothering anyone.

I usually sat down with a twelve pack between my legs as we played. It was not my intention to get drunk but enjoyed a good buzz while playing the guys in the neighborhood Spades. The games were fun, and no one got stupid or anything.

One guy got so drunk that he passed out while in the middle of a game and then fell over, so we moved him and someone else took his place which they still got beat. It was a good pastime while being homeless and kept most of us out of trouble.

We would go to the corner where everyone knew we were panhandling and take turns at the corner collecting money and change before our games so that we could buy our beer to take to the game. I always collected a little extra for some snack food and cigarettes before heading to the spot where we were playing.

I am a good player at Spades and everyone always wanted to be my partner and because I never got drunk enough that I couldn’t play. I maintained myself for hours of playing before I had to take another break and go buy more beer.

My favorite beer even to this day when I do buy some is Natural Ice or Natty Ice as we call it. It is high in alcohol proof, but it is smooth tasting. I have been drinking it since around two-thousand and three and it has been my favorite beer since then.

I enjoy it occasionally now, but I pretty much stopped drinking when they diagnosed me with Diabetes. Beer is full of sugar and not really healthy. I do on occasion buy a beer just to sit around and play video games with my husband not that often because my sugar was so out of control in the beginning and the beer wasn’t helping.

I enjoy the taste of beer, but I love my coconut rum which is for hanging out with good friends and at gatherings. It too has a smooth taste, but I cannot consume as much of it like I can beer or they will be picking me up off the floor.

My husband and I both don’t really drink, but there are times when the taste for a beer comes up and we have not been able to find anyone who likes to play spades or any other card games for that matter. So, if you drink, do it responsibly.

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How to Enjoy That Perfect Twelve Pack with Friends
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