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How To Make Infused Sous Vide Cocktails

Want to master the art of sous vide cocktails? These are the amazing ways you can make infused sous vide cocktails through the most creative methods and recipes.

There are so many ways you can create really unique cocktails. From straight out of the bottle to aging your favorite cocktail, while there are many ways you can create cocktails, there are tons and tons of cocktail recipes you can whip up. From the more fruity drinks to the bitter ones, a great cocktail can completely lift your moods. But what other ways can you create alcoholic beverages? While some people do the basics, which is mixing the ingredients on the spot, there are others who really like sous vide cocktails.

I know, it sounds very complicated, but it's not. What sous vide is is a diverse method of cooking and even creating beverages. In this case, to create cocktails, you place all of the ingredients into a vacuum bag and allow the bag to completely vacuum seal. This way, all of the ingredients are combining and tightly coming together. Afterwards, it's chilled. And so many amazing cocktails are created through this unique method. But instead of a vacuum-seal bag, there are other strategies. If you're curious and want to give sous vide cocktails a shot, this is how you accurately create infused sous vide cocktails swiftly.

Sous Vide Cocktails with a Plastic Bag

One of the easier ways to create sous vide cocktails is by putting all of the ingredients in a plastic bag. While you're putting in the liquid ingredients, you can also toss in solid ingredients, like fruits and vegetables. Even though they won't be fully crushed, this process can extract the juices and flavors from the solid ingredients. And once you've added everything in a plastic bag, place the bag in a large pot of hot water. Through this, the hot water from the pot will not only allow the ingredients to mingle together, but extract the flavors from the solid ingredients, too.

You definitely want to keep the water that your bag is in nice and warmed up. Since this process does need hot water, the best way to keep the water in the pot to stay hot for a longer period of time is with the Joule Sous Vide by ChefSteps. This amazing machine circulates hot water in the pot while your cocktail mixture is combining together in the plastic bag! Now the water in the pot will constantly stay nice and hot until your cocktail mixture is ready for the chilling process.

Sous Vide Cocktails with a Glass Jar

Another great way to infuse sous vide cocktails is to use a glass jar. Instead of a plastic bag or a vacuum-seal bag, you can use glass jars to whip up delicious cocktails. And this is also a really simple way of creating sous vide cocktails, too. You just pour in all the ingredients you need to create the cocktail into a glass jar. Once you put everything inside, you then fill a pot with hot water and place the jar in the hot water. This way, all the ingredients will merge together into one delectable cocktail.

For this method, mason jars are actually the ideal type of jar you would want to use when making sous vide cocktails. With the perfect capacity that you need, the quantity of the ingredients that you use won't overflow the jar. And these jars can withstand a certain amount of heat, too, which means that placing these jars in hot water won't budge them.

Sous Vide Spiced Rum

Now that you know the ways to create sous vide cocktails, let's dive right into a few amazing recipes to get started! For those who love rum, we're off to a great start. Among the deliciously infused sous vide cocktails, Sous Vide Spiced Rum is a very satisfying beverage that rum lovers will absolutely fall in love with. However, this beverage tastes even more flavorful when you've created it on your own.

Sure, rum on the rocks is what most people consider getting, but rum combined with other ingredients into a cocktail is a serious game changer. And this recipe will not only blow your mind, but your tastebuds as well. This recipe includes the delectable flavors of vanilla, orange peel, cinnamon, and multiple spices. All of these mixed together create the ultimate rum cocktail that you definitely would want to make more of.

Carmen Miranda

Want a sous vide cocktail that's more in the tropical side, but still has that hint of spice? The Carmen Miranda cocktail is a fantastic cocktail that so many people who are users of the sous vide method cannot stop making. Because of the perfect blend of banana and spices, cocktail lovers find this beverage really easy to make with a very flavorful finish. Plus, bitters play an important role in this cocktail, too.

While the main spirit in this recipe is bourbon, you can mix all of the ingredients into your plastic bag or glass jar; ripe bananas, cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, orange bitters, and Angostura bitters. The ingredients perfectly mingle and combine together to get the smoothest great-quality cocktail ever.  

Strawberry Daiquiri

Have you ever had a Strawberry Daiquiri? You probably have when you ordered it at a bar, but have you ever created your own sous vide version? If you haven't, you're 100 percent missing out on the greatest summery cocktail ever. The sous vide Strawberry Daiquiri is definitely one of the most mouthwatering infused sous vide cocktails there is. Especially if you're a fan of the Strawberry Daiquiri, you'll never go back to the regular kind after trying out the sous vide version.

Even if you've never had a Strawberry Daiquiri, this fruity drink will be your new favorite. With light rum and a ton of strawberries, you'll be amazed by what the sous vide strategy can do. You can literally crush the flavors and juice from the strawberries and use the extract in your cocktail. This way, the strawberry flavor is fresher and it tastes way better. And combining this with rum really ties the whole cocktail together. 

Jalapeño Infused Tequila

Bet you've never had jalapeños in a cocktail before. But don't underestimate this cocktail, because I'm serious when I say this is a phenomenal cocktail. The spiciness of the Jalapeño Infused Tequila can vary depending on how long you want the peppers to sit in the cocktail while it's going through the sous vide water bath. However, some people crave a good spicy tequila cocktail, and if you're one of those people, then I highly suggest giving this recipe a try.

While you're using all-natural ingredients and flavors for the sous vide cocktail, it'll taste way better than the fake shit. You're essentially going to need just jalapeño peppers and tequila. Since these are the only two ingredients, you know it's going to be a spicy-ass cocktail. You can either make it mildly spicy or pretty spicy; it all depends on how long you leave the peppers in the sous vide water bath.

Spiced Fig Old Fashioned

From the unique infused sous vide cocktails that you can easily create on your own, the Spiced Fig Old Fashioned is certainly chock-full of mouthwatering flavors. If you already know what the Old Fashioned is, you know it's a signature cocktail, muddling sugar with bitters, alcohol like whiskey or brandy, and a twist of citrus rind. As for the Spiced Fig Old Fashioned, you're adding great fig flavors into the mix. Believe it or not, this is an amazing addition to the regular Old Fashioned. 

While you're using actual figs for this recipe, you'll be getting the most organic and natural fig flavor into your cocktail. After you've completely dried up your figs, you place them in a sous vide water bath to allow the juices to extract into the mix. After creating this cocktail, you'll probably never go back to a regular Old Fashioned again.

Apple and Cardamom Gin

How can you not love a great cocktail that features the delicious flavor of apples? The Apple and Cardamom Gin cocktail is one of the infused sous vide cocktails that you have to try out anytime of the year—especially around the autumn season. The combination of apples and cardamom with gin makes the cocktail a more refreshing beverage to enjoy.

And if you're a sucker for anything apple and spice related, you should give this recipe a shot. The sweetness from the apples mingles so well with the spiciness of the cardamom. And enjoying the two with the bold taste of gin create one of the best cocktails ever. Also, this beverage is among the most refreshing gin cocktails you'll ever make.

Charred Maple Wood Tipperary

If you found the previous recipe to be right up your alley, so will this one. Featuring great tastes of literally the autumn season, the Charred Maple Wood Tipperary is a fantastic sous vide cocktail that gives off the delectable taste of sugar maple wood. Not to mention that Jameson Black Barrel pairs amazingly with the ingredients in this recipe.

The bold spice from the Jameson and the sweetness from the maple balances out so well within the one cocktail. And when you're putting the ingredients in the sous vide water bath, the additions mingle and combine perfectly to create the best-tasting Jameson cocktail you'll ever have.

Kentucky Buck

Lastly, among the best-infused sous vide cocktails you can make on your own is the Kentucky Buck. This is literally the ideal summer cocktail you want to make for yourself and for your guests to enjoy, too. It's actually summer... in a beverage. With refreshing flavors like lemon, ginger, and strawberry, this cocktail can be your summer go-to when you want to quickly whip up a delicious cocktail.

During the sous vide water bath, the ingredients to this cocktail merge so well into one flavorful drink. And to top it, you're throwing in bourbon to make the cocktail extra special. The mild spiciness from the ginger goes great with the sweetness of the strawberry and the sourness of the lemon. Which means this sous vide cocktail will never let you down.

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