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Little Town Wonders

Hidden in NL

I recently moved to a small community in rural Newfoundland (NL), Canada called Twillingate. This is a beautiful little community located in what is known as Ice Berg Alley. 

During the summer months, this community is packed with tourists. Many businesses open for the summer season and close down for the winter months. This summer, a little brewery and pub combination opened up. 

The Split Rock Brewing CO opened up at the end of the summer, an attraction for tourists and locals alike. Naturally, living in a small town, there is not much to do most nights, so a bunch of friends and I decided to go to the new pub called Stage Head Pub which is attached to the brewery.

I am going to put it out there. I didn't like beer, until I tried the beer here. This brewery pub combination is in a small corner of the world, but it is amazing! Every chance I get to go with my friends, I have an amazing time. 

The atmosphere is very quaint and the staff is so kind. There is a rustic feel to the pub and it is the place to be on the weekends. They have a selection of brews there: anything from light to dark and everything in between. Personally, my favourite is called the Bluff Head Bitter. 

To my amazement, I finally found a beer that I love and actually can get down without wanting to throw up (really, that's how much I hate beer). They offer this sample platter they named the Flight for anyone who has never been there and you get to choose four types of beer to make up your flight.

I included a picture of the Flight down below and what four beers I had tried to make up mine. I chose the Combines Ale which is a light beer, something like a Coors Light or Molson Canadian Light which is very popular and most people I find tend to get this one. Next, I tried the Bluff Head Bitter, which is my favourite out of their entire list. It is almost sweet-tasting, but not sickeningly sweet, and it is very smooth going down. Next, I had the IPA. It is not my favourite but it is very popular amongst the people who go to the pub. I find this one more hoppy which is why I tend not to like it as much. And lastly, I tried the Alli's Big Brown Ale which is another sweeter beer. I did quite enjoy this one because it has a hint of coffee flavour in my opinion. It is a dark beer, and personally I can only drink one glass of it. It is a nice flavour and also very smooth. 

Out of all their seven selections, they have everything ranging from light to dark and they also have a fruity one; Twitty Witty, they call it. They do offer one white and one red wine too if you go out with friends and are not a beer drinker, and they also offer a few select liquors as well. You are also able to buy beer glasses. They're in two separate styles with the logo for the company and other memorabilia items like hats and teeshirts with their logo as well. And if you enjoy the beer as much as most people, they have jugs there that they will fill up for you so you can take it home. Then you can return and have them refilled!  

This place is great! I have nothing bad to say about it. Even though it is hidden away in Newfoundland, in the small community of Twillingate, if anyone is ever in the area, stop by for a beer! You will definitely not be disappointed!

The Flight

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Little Town Wonders
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