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Music City Brews

A Guide to Nashville Breweries

Photo by Karolina Szczur on Unsplash

Welcome to Music City! Nashville, Tennessee is known for its honky-tonk bars and constant music drifting through the open doors of downtown venues. After spending time in these areas, you may get a craving for something that is quintessential Nashville in the form of a nice tasty craft beer. You may think that Nashville is definitely not a craft beer metropolis. However, in recent years, Music City has gone through a brewery renaissance and it is coming to the forefront of the attractions of this growing city. So lean back and enjoy the ride as we take a tour of some of Nashville's best breweries.

TailGate Brewery

If you are looking for a wide and creative selection of craft beers, TailGate Brewery is for you. TailGate is an excellent example of a recent addition to the Nashville craft beer scene. They have only existed in Nashville for four years, but they have definitely made their presence known. This brewery has continued to grow with 30 (yes, 30) of their craft brews on tap at all times, which is constantly rotating as they come up with new brews. They have two locations: Demonbreun Street (closer to Downtown Nashville and a smaller venue) and Charlotte Pike (the larger of the two locations where brewery tours are conducted). This brewery is eclectic and has a fun atmosphere with constant events happening. During the summer, the Barn-Out-Back at the Charlotte Pike location is an excellent place to listen to live music and enjoy the cool night air. On top of the excellent atmosphere, they offer some delicious pizzas, appetizers, and sandwiches to go with their excellent craft beers like Maple Bacon Porter, Southeast IPA, and Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout. I highly recommend TailGate for an excellent time if you are in the Nashville area.

Tennessee Brew Works

One of the most environmentally conscious breweries in the Nashville area is Tennessee Brew Works. This brewery is unique for minimizing their waste during the brewing process and creates beer using one of the greenest methods in the region. Tennessee Brew Works even named one of their craft beers the State Park Blonde Ale and features one of the state's park rangers as the figure on the label. This brewery offers tours and an artisan food menu, which offers items like Spent Grain Falafel, Nashville Hot Frog Legs, and Five Beer Burger. 

Bearded Iris Brewing

Bearded Iris Brewing is about as off-beat as their name. They strive to provide brews that are interesting and out of the ordinary. They offer beers with names like Offbeat IPA, Tunnel Vision DDH with Citra, and V. Fudge Imperial Oatmeal Stout. This brewery has a comfortable feel with large chairs, a magnificent wooden bar, and an intimate atmosphere. Currently, this brewery does not offer its own food but is bring your own food friendly. Come hang out with the crowd at Bearded Iris Brewing.

Little Harpeth Brewing Company

Little Harpeth Brewing Company is a family/pet friendly and spacious brewery. It boasts of live music, games including cornhole, brewery tours, and plenty of seating. The owner and staff are welcoming and knowledgeable about their brews. They have a wide variety of craft beer that are brewed in the tradition of German lagers like their Mosaic India Pale Kolsch, Strawberry Fields Gose, and Double Paddle Doppelbock. All of their beers hearken back to those found in pre-Prohibition Middle Tennessee and are made with sustainable brewing processes. Come chill with the guys at Little Harpeth Brewing Company.

And there are even more...

The Nashville brewery scene is booming with new breweries opening constantly. These just represent four of the interesting breweries that Nashville has to offer. Breweries in Music City range from small and quiet to large and boisterous with each specializing in certain styles of beer. I recommend researching ahead of time to find a brewery that is right up your alley, and I guarantee you will find the brew you are looking for in Music City USA.

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Music City Brews
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