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Put a Cork in It with These Cool Wine Stoppers

Want to save your favorite wine bottle even after throwing out the cork? Invest in any of these cool wine stoppers to preserve your precious elixir.

I admit there have been multiple times where I've opened a second bottle of wine, throw out the cork drunkly (believing in myself that I'll finish the bottle), and end up barely making a dent in the wine with no cork to preserve it. It's consistently something that I've done and I'll never learn from it. I had to throw out the wine after opening it with one of the best corkscrew wine openers and pouring it into one of the coolest wine glasses ever made because I didn't have a cork to seal it. This is why I needed to get my hands on a wine stopper so not finishing a bottle is no longer a problem.

I didn't want those boring wine stoppers that everyone already has or are super plain. I wanted a unique stopper that would not only save my wine, but that would make my wine bottle look stylish and awesome. I looked up stoppers online and came across an array of cool wine stoppers that I utterly fell in love with. I bought myself three different kinds and you should, too, to save all of your opened wine bottles! They will look great while preserving the delectable flavors and aromas of your wine.

Pineapple Wine Bottle Stopper by Levohome

Not only is this wine stopper in the shape of a cute pineapple, but it's rose gold! It's fun, cute, and looks great while sealing any of your wine bottles. This piece is also perfect for the summer to give off that tropical vibe!

This wine bottle stopper is BPA-free and made out of 100 percent stainless steel. It’s a zinc alloy rose stereo pineapple that makes it the perfect addition to your wine stopper collection. It also features a flat bottom so it can easily stand on the table when you're not using it.

Assorted Glass Globe Bottle Stoppers by Blush

Cool wine stoppers like these Assorted Glass Globe Bottle Stoppers by Blush can make all of your wine bottles look more appealing! Since they're colorful little orbs, when you shine light on them, they reflect off a stunning, vibrant glow!

If you buy two or more of Blush’s glass globe bottle stoppers, the color of the glass orbs will be different from each other, so you're not getting identical stoppers! These bottle stoppers fit all standard wine bottles and they can even fit olive oil bottles and other liquor bottles. It’s the perfect gift to offer to any wine enthusiast, as part of the ultimate gift giving guide for every wine lover.

Hilson Half-Geode Quartz Bottle Stopper by Mercer41

Some of us are obsessed with the gorgeous look of geodes. There are geode necklaces, home decor, and there are even wine stoppers! Mercer41 Half-Geode Bottle Stopper features a stunning crystallized quartz in the center of a rock and using this as a bottle stopper will definitely get you a ton of compliments.

Since every geode doesn’t have the same color and shape, the gemstone colors may vary when purchasing one. The geode isn’t made from a fake material, but a genuine stone that sparkles when light hits against it. 

Stl Wine Stopper & Pourer Combination by OXO

Have you ever seen cool wine stoppers that both store and pour your wine? OXO's wine stopper is definitely a great purchase because it's multifunctional! Instead of removing the wine bottle stopper to pour yourself a glass, you don't have to remove this one at all to pour wine out. 

This two-in-one tool is known for drip-free pouring and storing. When you’re done enjoying the bottle, simply push the soft lever down and the bottle is immediately sealed and stays that way until you pull up the lever. The stopper doesn’t allow your wine to drip, either, so don’t worry about it spilling if the bottle is tilted. It's drunk-proof! 

Monogram Letter Wine Stopper by Bed Bath and Beyond

Don't you want to mark your favorite wine bottle as yours? You can now with these Monogram Letter Wine Stopper! You can make your very own bottle custom for you by sealing the bottle with your initial. It's also not an ordinary initial, but is coated in a luxury gold-plated finish. I know I definitely want to make a wine bottle mine, and the best way to show everyone and refrain them from touching my bottle is by stopping it with this beautiful wine stopper. 

You can now add a touch of elegance to your barware collection with these gold letter wine stoppers. They’re made out of metal with rubber rings to lock in the delicious flavors and aroma of your wine.

Cactus Wine Stopper by Wild Eye Designs

I personally love this wine stopper because not only is it a cactus, but it's dripping in gold! I've never seen a more high-end looking cactus in my life, and the fact that it's a wine bottle stopper that makes it even more delightful. This cactus bottle stopper is the ideal addition to your wine bottle collection or even a gift to any wine lover (hint, hint).

You can now keep your favorite bottles of red or white wine with one of the cool wine stoppers—Wild Eye Designs’ cactus wine bottle stopper. It’s made of zinc alloy and rubber, allowing it to last a lot longer. Your wine won’t go stale anymore when you’ve fastened it closed with this stylish bottle stopper.

Bottle Stopper by Home Basics

Even though some of us are the ultimate wine lovers, we're not looking for anything extravagant when it comes to wine accessories. In this case, some of us aren't looking for the most colorful and distinct wine bottle stoppers out there. That's why Home Basic's bottle stoppers are perfect for people who want to keep it simple and easy when sealing their wine.

The set comes with two bottle stoppers constructed from zinc so it’s super durable. These wine bottle stoppers are also very strong and heavy duty, so once you seal your bottle with one of these, it’s locked in there tightly and won’t cause any leakage.

Champagne Bottle Stopper by Old Kentucky Home

Wine bottles aren't the only ones that need cool wine stoppers, but champagne bottles, too! I'm sure none of us want our champagne to go to waste after opening it, so Old Kentucky Home's bottle stopper is the perfect choice because of its stunning rose-gold finish. Next time you lose the cork from popping the bottle open, use this bottle stopper to keep the champagne fresh and preserve its flavors if you don't finish the bottle.

Champagne isn’t cheap, so we want to keep every last drop in the bottle. Seal your bottle with this rose-gold stopper and it also makes sure that you’re still getting fizz the next time you open it back up! It’s made from copper with a copper-chrome finish that dazzles anyone’s eyes when you whip this out.

Bruce Shark Bottle Stopper by Donkey Products

You might find Donkey Products' shark wine stopper to be a unique addition to your barware collection because of its distinct design. I usually find sharks to be hideous and terrifying, but this wine bottle stopper is nowhere near hideous because of its beautiful, porcelain finish. It's like a great white shark got stuck in the bottle!

Despite the previous metal cool wine stoppers, this one features a regular cork that can still hold down the flavors and aroma of your favorite wine. The end of the shark is made from smooth porcelain and you'll always get compliments from anyone who sees you using this.

Four Piece Replacement Cork Bottle Stopper Set by Axis Sourcing Group Inc

There are people out there who simply want to own a bunch of bottle stoppers and nothing too fancy to seal their bottles. If they opened a couple of wine bottles and need to preserve their freshness, a set of wine bottle stoppers would be ideal. In fact, the Four Piece Replacement Cork Bottle Stopper Set by Axis Sourcing Group Inc is the perfect set any wine lover needs to cork a few wine bottles at once!

This set comes with four bottle stoppers that can securely keep your wine fresh and doesn’t cause any leakage, either, for cork bottle stoppers. They’re also made from actual living oak trees and not any low-quality material.

The Original Vacu Vin Wine Saver with 2 Vacuum Stoppers by Vacu Vin

Looking for a more advanced bottle stopper that will benefit the taste of your wine? Vacu Vin's bottle stopper features the unique ability to remove air from inside of the bottle to preserve the wine's freshness.

These cool wine stoppers can remove air from your wine bottle in order to keep the wine tasting new for up to a week! The purchase includes one white wine saver vacuum pump and two gray vacuum bottle stoppers. You can use this brilliant tool for either white or red wine. You simply insert the wine stopper into the bottle and pump until you hear a “click,” indicating that the bottle is air-tight sealed.

Barlow Bottle Stopper by Visol Products

Wine bottle stoppers shouldn't be stored away, but displayed! Visol Products' wine stoppers includes a curved stand so you can display your bottle stoppers anywhere in your kitchen or your home bar. 

The set comes with three wine bottle stoppers with different heads that should always be kept on the side in case a bottle needs to be sealed properly. They’re made from stainless steel with a rubberized neck for secure closing. 

Jeweled Bottle Stopper by Kate Spade New York

Lastly, some people want to impress their guests with their luxurious wine accessories and this wine stopper is nothing but high-end. Kate Spade has never let me down with their gorgeous and creative pieces, and their cool wine stoppers have truly captured my attention. This one looks like a little disco ball, but more high-end and it can preserve your favorite wine from staling.

You can bring glitter and glam to your barware with Kate Spade’s bottle stopper! It’s a silver-plated wine stopper that features a ball-shaped accented with shiny crystals that makes it the perfect gift for someone special; or yourself, obviously.

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