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Reasons You Need a Wine Fridge

Aficionado or not, you're bound to fall for the mechanical geniuses of wine refrigeration in the following reasons you need a wine fridge.

Wine can make you do almost anything, such as make you believe in horoscopes. Wine can also cure your emotional concerns pretty much on a whim, better than any pep talk ever spewed. It's also probably the only beneficial alcoholic beverage around, in addition to the other more unique qualities it may or may not behold; ie bathing in wine. Still, respecting your wine is just as important as drinking it (and finding more, wink-wink). On a serious note, everyday standard fridges normally can't fit one wine bottle, let alone multiple, and they tend to have an internal temperature range that fluctuates and doesn't maintain the right level of humidity, neither of which are any good for storing your wine. Either you're pulling out a bottle of red from the fridge, which takes an added second of wiggling and frustration, only to find it's either gone bad or just doesn't taste the same. 

It doesn't matter if you're a wine nut or not, owning a cooler or small wine storage makes sure your bottles are all kept at a constant appropriate temperature, maintain peak and ripe conditioning, as well as fit neatly in a stacked row for simple retrieval. What more could you ask for, other than a vineyard of your own? Wine fridges also make for great pieces of furniture, so don't feel like it's an obligatory wine-crazed splurge. It's a step in the right direction, especially if you need to know how to become a wine-o without really trying. Let's uncork the reasons you need a wine fridge...


Whether containing your various date night wines to try, or simply storing all of your many brands to choose from, the storing option as shown here is one of the best reasons you need a wine cooler. This is the different inherent with cellars and regular refrigerators, they're simply not as inexpensive or as beneficial to the wines you crave. 

Every wine-o knows how expensive the culture of wine tasting and appreciation can get, especially when dealing with the issues of aging wines, humidity control, and other storage conditions you simply would rather not stress over. Magic Chef does all the worrying for you, and for a great price you're getting a top of the line, kickass fridge that is as sophisticated as it is aesthetically pleasing.


Like any good wine storage or regular refrigerator, the need for a quality system of organized and easy to access shelving is paramount, which is among reasons you need a wine fridge is the pure, almost blissful organizational features of the fridge. These powerful machines are built to be easily accessed and where they sit in the fridge, as in the case for a dual-zone wine fridge, which makes the different wine placings actually "hot" or "cool" spots powered by your own pre-set temperature fluctuation. 

The one mentioned above may look a bit small, but a good majority of these wine fridges are made in this way to blend rugged technologies with portability. For that, organizational storage capabilities are key, since nobody wants their bottle of wine bouncing amid travel. 


The thing about wine that most people tend to ignore is that, while the actual beverage itself may love the cold, the cork is what is drawing upon the much needed humidity that keeps your wine fresh and tasting perfect. One of many reasons you need a wine fridge is that their level of wine protection is unmatched regarding the humidity controlled features provided.  

Air moisture, depending upon level and percentage, can guarantee you longer lasting, better tasting vinos like never before, even when maintained at a mild capacity. The cork cannot become dehydrated, or your wine will be ruined in the cork's crumbling demise. 


One thing that sets the wine cooler apart from all the rest is the fact that the humidity controls and temperature range help to maintain the longevity and taste of your different wines. Unlike leaving them in a regular refrigerator in the hopes that it will stay cool, among the reasons you need a wine fridge is the obvious longevity the coolers will relinquish upon your wine. 

Every fan of wine knows that the alcoholic beverage tends to be temperamental. Heat will obviously spoil your wine's overall tastes, which is why a wine cooler is of utmost necessity for maintaining the life of your various wines, as well as ensuring taste and texture remains untouched.  


They're organized and storage-packed with space, but are they mobile as well? Yes, in fact most wine coolers to be just that, if not more so. Modern dual zone fridges are meant to be portable wine cellars of the future, in which a humidly controlled line of your favorite blends sits comfortably and untouched by the outside strains.  

It's also not difficult to maneuver, seeing that most of these hefty pieces of cooling equipment may deter some from seeing the reasons you need a wine fridge, but they're actually meant to be bulky, yet still movable. This isn't just so you can play around with the aesthetics of your wine cooler and kitchen environment, but makes traveling with wine ten times easier and safer. 


Aside from them oftentimes being pleasing to look at alone, wine coolers are also extremely accessible, as viewed through their sophisticated organizational system and the storage capacity features. When combined and utilized in the most up to date method, as seen in the new dual-zone coolers, accessibility continues to be an issue avoided. 

Though it might not be one of your own personal reasons you need a wine fridge, it's definitely got potential. You'll be adding your very own, hand-organized, wine cooler to any part of your home interior that you choose. And, the added bonus of mobility provided by wine coolers make them all-around necessities for a wine connoisseur. 


Like tuner vehicles or PC games, wine coolers also take a great many different mods that can either upgrade the system, or add on all new features. This is rather neat, since a cellar could never do this and a regular fridge couldn't bear the need for modifications like this. 

Your wine cooler can even be turned into a humidors, or now being termed "wineadors," which work like kegerators, cheese agers, and curing chambers in keeping certain foods cool. Cost efficient and inexpensive, it's clear there's plenty of reasons you need a wine fridge, but what if I don't like wine...


If you thought a wine cooler was meant solely for wine, you're sadly mistaken. There's a long list of different uses the wine cooler can be utilized for, whether it be different beverages, food, cheese, fruit, chilled glasses, chocolate, and so on. Among reasons you need a wine fridge is the simple understanding in their versatility across the board. 

Wine coolers have a great many uses, for which the humidity control settings and storage conditions only make the more reasonable and necessary. Wine cellars, on the other hand, cannot be used for anything but wine, and regular refrigerators may be able to hold anything, they still lack in organizational and storage optimization. 


While organization and compact wine cooler components are extremely important for wine aficionados everywhere, the ultimate availability of storage space is the mere reason for their purchasing of the cooler in the first place. As you saw before, the versatility alone withheld by these amazing wine coolers is enough to tantalize, but if you're looking for more reasons you need a wine fridge than look no further. 

Most coolers will tend to utilize every and all forms of space available. Anything from interior space, like corners and sides, to even the face of the fridge door are used with trays to help bring maximum storage capacities. Regular refrigerators simply can't boast the same, seeing that their storage units tend to be severely lacking and never are capable of fitting it all, that's why a wine cooler is necessary for any aspiring wine lover. 

Safe and Green

If the need for a wine cooler just couldn't get any more pressing, there's also the little known fact that wine fridges are better for the environment than regular refrigerators. That's right, you can enjoy your favorite white wine or red wine while being completely eco-friendly. 

Among reasons you need a wine fridge is the fact that they emit nothing dangerous whatsoever. The cool temperature and other temperature conditions in wine aging come from thermoelectric conduction, rather than the more harmful compressor-based cooling. Wine coolers not just protect the environment, they also safe on energy, too!


While there's crazy modifications and low costs, you'd expect the vast array of wine coolers and storage units to be, if not wholly dysfunctional, somewhat cheap—but, they're far from it. In fact, like in practically every other category, the wine coolers tend to win out in areas of durability, performance, and surprisingly, even in low-maintenance fixing, making it even harder to ignore the reasons you need a wine fridge. 

A regular refrigerator, or even cellar for that matter, will cost upwards of the thousands once all is said and done. Maintenance for both normal fridges and cellars are extraordinarily more expensive than wine coolers, which don't take so many expensive parts or components as the former. 

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