Russian Vodka

Volume 2: How to drink it...

It is hard to imagine any traditional Russian feast without vodka. It is customary to celebrate with it more significant life events (birthday, anniversary, or wedding) and less remarkable ones (a new pair of shoes, beginning of holidays, or just a weekend). Happy? Upset? Angry? Sorry? Here it is…

But to enjoy a feast and have pleasant memories I would advise you to scrutinise the following rules on how to consume this strong drink correctly. Keeping in mind a few useful nuances, you will be an adequate cheerful person all evening, and wake up without a hangover in the morning.


The consumption of vodka should be started with substantial “groundwork”!

A few hours before, you can drink 50 ml of vodka, so the body begins to produce substances that block the effect of drinking alcohol. This method is called “run a liver” or “vaccination”.

An hour before a feast eat something fatty, for example, a sandwich with butter or bacon. A bowl of chicken soup will not be superfluous. The fact is that fatty food does not absorb alcohol, it only reduces the level of being besotted.

All in all, eat, eat, and eat…. Before, during, and after…

Oh, nearly forgot… Have you ever heard of charcoal tablets? They are real friends of alcohol absorption. It is enough to take 6 – 8 tablets 20 – 30 minutes before drinking, and it is almost guaranteed that you won’t go out of existence in the midst of merriment.

Don’t forget about some more very important technical details!

First of all, some changes of short glasses are placed in a freezer. Contrary to the widespread error, it is not vodka that needs to be frozen, but glasses! Vodka should be cooled up to -10/-15 degrees, the perfect place is a refrigerator door. "Frozen" vodka with ice chips intoxicates quicker, as the frozen water crystallizes on the walls or bottom of the bottle in the form of ice, and almost pure alcohol pours into a glass, which freezes at a lower temperature.

Then, food… whatever you cook or prepare to eat, it should be substantial: no crisps, breadsticks, etc. Also, there is a list of mandatory vodka feast ingredients.

  • Potatoes, cooked in salted water, must be certainly crumbly and aromatic! Put some dill on it.
  • Herrings – fat, spicy, salted… Sprinkle it with sunflower oil and cover with red and white chopped onions.
  • Salted mushroom and salted cucumbers. Barrel salted! Not pickled!
  • Dill, parsley, celery, and leek… well chopped and mixed well in a separate bowl.
  • Sour cream, bought at the market, thick, organic. "A spoon is worth it." This is the basis for obtaining the taste of vodka.
  • The rest of snacks (hot and cold) can be served no earlier than after the third glass.


Vodka is best to drink in 50-grams short glasses in a gulp. First, you need to breathe out, then drink at the next inhalation. After that, breathe out again, getting rid of the vapours of alcohol, and bring to the nose a piece of aromatic homemade brown bread to "sniff" the drink.

Don’t drink any soft drinks after… nothing that contains carbon dioxide, which irritates the walls of the stomach, leading to rapid intoxication.

Have a snack! Put potatoes on the plates. Halve each potato a little in the middle, and put some sour cream and green chopped mixture over it. Keep the correct order of eating! After putting a glass, send to the mouth one or two slices of herrings and start chewing slowly… Feel it! Mmmm… At this time, a piece of potato with sour cream and herbs – to the mouth. Next - a piece of fresh brown bread. Chew, then swallow. Now you can feel the real taste of vodka what it should be like! After that, you can have a cucumber, a mushroom or repeat the previous. It’s up to you.

Experts recommend between the first and second glasses to take a three-minute break. After the third glass, if possible, leave the table for 15-20 minutes and take a walk, have a cigarette, have a chat...

Don’t mix vodka and other alcohol, otherwise, a heavy morning is guaranteed...


It happens that it was too much… you didn’t stop at the right moment or mixed different types of beverages… DO NOT improve your health with ANY alcohol. Drinking alcohol to relieve a hangover is the right way to alcoholism.

You can improve your health with mineral water, broth, a warm shower and a walk in the fresh air.

100% remedy for a hangover is not to drink the previous day!

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